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IDK what Epic to dart today


I hate passing up Blue DNA, as its on lockdown and is unavailable in game. (Never saw one from the claws scents) On the other hand, I don’t use Blue and find her to be pretty average in combat.

I do need Sino but they aren’t on lockdown, so I can find these girls from time to time in the game.

Brachi is the easy choice to ignore, as I don’t use it at all and I doubt I ever will.

Guess I will go for Sino, at least I can use this DNA for hybrids. Man I hate passing up Blue though… sigh.


You’ll thank yourself later for getting Sino. It’s importance cannot be overstated


What don’t you like about Brachi? I have been using this beauty and so happy with her. Would like to hear some negatives, because I don’t see any.


I never said that it’s a bad dino or anything, I just find the dna to be quite useless for me. I dont think Blue is all that useful either, but between Blue and Brachi I would go Blue 10/10 times.

I’ve just never had much trouble facing Brachi in combat to be honest. I run into Brachi a lot in friendly matches but I never see it in the arena (Aviary). Then again I rarely go to arena these days.

Bleeds also seem to hit brachi exceptionally hard due to her massive health pool.


I have it on my team at lv 21!


Epics stop being viable around 4k with a very small number of exceptiins (and even those becone debatably useful as you push higher). Braci spawns in the wild fairly frequently so it would benefit you to focus on Sino, believe me when I tell you that you cant have enough Sino.


This is not even a question: Sino.