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Idky but EVERY time I leave game it

So normally when I finish playing&I’ve got me timers going&what not. My game keeps crashing&or going off for no daggone reason :triumph: Like for instance building over where Greene death is(before smithy) right it takes a long time on I get it however when I set it to start last Monday or Tuesday&it took til yesterday :confused:? Plus I started the bridge over off to the far left of Greene death a day later&it’s still got 1day 17hours?!? My timers are NUTS!So my conclusion is bc when I leave to sleep or watch tv or whatever usually toothless is out&2dragons are training and max are collecting etc I wait 10mins after I have Meatlug/Toothless/Stormfly leave so I don’t leave to fast…come back and I have to sign back in well my tv is strictly Wi-Fi tv so I know the connection didn’t go OUT…I’m at a loss&with memory issues I can’t remember 9times out of ten of I remembered& sent Toothless out&it got botched bc it’s happened before?!! Anyone else?

Tho brawl&gauntlet are cracking me up​:joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: y’all Dragons going 60mph backwards &chomp oh or the invisible Dragon on the last gauntlet I thought it was dead had no life bar no Dragon no nothing for abt 1-1½minutes? I kill the ?final? Dragon I’m like WhooHoo!WRONG​:skull:Xxx I’m DEAD it bit me invisible n then u could see it as it finished other Dragon off​:unamused:

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Hey there Player604! I recommend contacting our team directly with your support key at so they can look into this. Thanks!

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