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Idricoceros is unbalanced


I looove the design for indricoceros!! But one thing is a bit weird…
The gastronis and titanoboa are both better than indricoceros AND they cost way less DNA…
Why is this? Either the indricoceros should get a buff to: 5000 HP and 2000 ATK, or it should cost way less… otherwise it’s not worth getting…

BTW. I really like indricoceros, it’s derps



When compared to Gastornis its even more apparent it is not worth the DNA… For sure needs increased stats or decreased cost. I believe the way they price hybrids is based on the DNA required to build the underlying creatures needed to create but this one needs to be looked at.

congrats @Adam_Flodin on already creating the hybrid.


Similar on the aquatic side. Not too keen to level up this hybrid since I got way stronger reefs for a lot less hassle.


I think maybe reduce it’s DNA cost to somewhere like 25 thousand, and giving it a stat boost would make it more understandable.
And fully agree with you, it does look adorable.