If a creature is nerfed should we get a full boost refund on it?

So if Ludia nerf a creature should we be given free boost tokens to get our boosts back on the said creature?

My immediate reaction is to say yes as we have been robbed somewhat.

But on reflection it’s like saying a secondhand car or phone should be valued the same as a new one even if we have gotten good use from it before trading it in. It simply won’t happen because it’s used and the same applies to boosts we used on a creature before it was nerfed. Their value simply isn’t as great once they’ve been used.

Ludia need to make money one way or another and there is no arguing with that. So if they give boosts back every time a creature is nerfed how would they sell any more boosts? More adverts? Skins? The kind of stuff many adults don’t like at all so they still wouldn’t generate much money at all.

What do you all think?


Yes, but only if it’s a big meta usage (Parasaurthops, Skoona) creature that everybody uses. If not then no.


My answer to it would be “No”.

At least not with Ludias current strategy of powercreep. New creatures are getting stronger and stronger and as soon as players stop spending money on a creature, it will get nerfed.

So players should chose wisely. Play the most broken creatures with the risk of them being nerfed, or run a team of weaker dinos to mitigate that risk.

For veterans coins and DNA rarely is an issue, only boosts are. So with boost refunds everybody will just have the same teams over and over again. Let them be stuck with the older creatures for a while - With this at least we have something like diversity in the arena.

I am well aware that this is an unpopular opinion. And yes, I am also aware that Ludia truly is bad in balancing and once a while some mediocre creatures are getting nerfed too…
(And yes, I also would like to unboost some of my nerfed creatures sitting on the bench…)


Never understood why anyone would spend money on something useless as Skins. And the level of adverts already now is a bit annoying. An app dies for me that moment an add starts playing without me specifically “asking” for it to do so…

Simple answer. No.


Yes. Because it appears Ludia does a less than ideal job balancing creatures and also appears to deliberately makes certain creatures stronger than others, which leads to people investing in them. Once enough people have invested in them, the creatures gets nerfed. Ceramagnus and Hadros Lux were in the play environment for over a year. It was only after some people started to get it around level 30, that they were nerfed. The amount of times Mortem Rex has been nerfed and unnerfed would make a yo-yo envious.
How many times has a creature that has included Dracorex Gen 2 in it’s ingredients been nerfed?

If you bought a car, and the manufacturer claimed the car had certain safety features, but those safety features mysteriously fell apart after three months, would you want your money back and/or those safety features fixed? Most automobile companies would issue a recall. Countries with accountability and oversight regulations would enforce this. If the company did not make good and had a reputation of making cars that all had features degrade after three month, would you stop buying products from that company?

Interesting answers so far and no is just in front so far.

I’m surprised there haven’t been more responses to be honest

Adjustments made are subjectable on the level of a nerf or buff. People that are not running L30 dinos that are fully boosted have a much different idea what needs a nerf or a buff. I can only expect over the next week the complaints about IndoT. With the AC rewards and boost token you will see some OP dinos out there but some people will not choose to boost their teams evenly but play with 3 or 4 unboosted and 3 or 4 dinos that are boosted above the average for that trophy level. I think every post about a OP creature needs to have the average team and boost level included with the post. I don’t comment much on those post but I’m sure there are many like me that laugh at all the “(insert creature) needs a nerf!” posts.

Short answer to your question. NO


Depends on how badly it’s been nerfed. A small adjustment because of game mechanics changing is ok but when they take away an entire and crucial move or even alter the move of an entire class (resilient) that’s another story. Also any changes made to damage or health larger than 100 should be qualified as freely unboostable.

I understand a heavy nerf is painful but to be fair we have already had 4 free tokens and there is no reason to suppose this may continue as they nerf more of our favourite dinos.

And remember they are effectively secondhand goods once they have been used. So their value is surely not still the full retail price. Ludia figure half price and to be honest that’s not unreasonable. We had the use for as long as the Dino we used them in was viable.

It’s not just nerfs that make a Dino less useful either - the power creep with ever stronger dinos bing released makes once useful dinos obsolete.

The reason I made this post was to offer a discussion on this subject so I’m not 100% one way or the other on it. I can see both sides but it’s all too easy to just see Ludia as the greedy bad guys all the time. On this I’m not so sure they are because the tokens are free and they don’t have to do them so I’m pretty happy so far.

That’s different.

What do you think you should get if your car manufacturer destroys your car?

Your used car is worse than the new models - it’s more like power creep than being nerfed.

Your used car is nerfed - what is this? Your engine has been replaced with one with lower horsepower; your leather chairs have been removed, your steel frame has been changed to plastic, and your self-driving system can now only work in an empty parking lot after the update - would you request a refund?

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It depends on how the creature is nerfed. If a creature gets a minor nerf but still retains its usage and role on a player’s team, a boost reset isn’t necessary. If a creature undergoes a big nerf or rework (Monolorhino losing its SISS for Armor Piercing Counter as a random example), then all boosts should be refunded for that specific creature, so a player can decide how they want to boost them, or if they even want it on the team or not.

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I’m not saying anything about the tokens. I’m glad they’re there and I’m also aware they can’t be stacked (a couple stackable would be nice but I get the thoughts behind that) it’s about creatures being nerfed severely without any reason like smilo or good old monomimus if you chose to invest in them just to make them viable in PvP or tournament and they get yet another nerf while they were so low on the ladder already it makes no sense you should loose the boosts to them. Weren’t boosts introduced to bring more variety to the arenas? Well with this system the exact opposite is achieved. Only top tier creatures will be boosted, after nerf unboosted and boosts re applied to the new top tiers. :woman_shrugging:t3:

This is my exact thought process. As much as I like crapping on them, it isn’t Ludia’s fault if your (usually overpowered) creature just becomes outdated. You should already know what you’re getting yourself into. So no, we shouldn’t get boost resets for THESE reasons.

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I agree that unnecessary nerfs like the ones you mention are crazy.

I’m all for variety and I’ve said this before - watching IDGT using rarely used dinos in the Shores is a joy to behold.

But he and others like him are happy to spend money which keeps the game alive, and the ftp players will never have the opportunity to have such variety and I can understand why they get so upset with arbitrary nerfs to their roster.

But surely it’s understandable that paying players should have an advantage and be able to enjoy the fruits of their spending like this? If we all got everything back for free once we had done with it, whether because of the power creep or a nerf then we wouldn’t buy any more and the revenue would dry up. The top spenders would stop spending as it gave them no advantage and the game would die.

We dont have 4 though. Those of us who dont need to use one are either holding off redeeming their tournament rewards in the hopes of a genuine fix or have wasted one in order to redeem them…

People who like to go different don’t have that mentality in the first place. They already enjoy using non top tier creatures and like to be able to vary more with them. Again… if you buy boosts and apply them to a creature that got twitched to get the OP off or to bring some nuance to a move or resistance that works out differently than expected (read: makes it ridiculously good) those boosts should most definitely not be refunded. As said by many even before this post: you kinda could have seen that coming. But when the entire mechanics of a creature change (read: it’s role in your team) making it unusable (and often for no apparent reason too) that’s another ballgame. Also I’m sure that whenever that happens and IDGT would happen to get those boosts (maybe even partially) refunded it would not effect their spending habit.

To add to that I’ll stick to myself.
I tend to spend money on things I enjoy the game included. But I can spend that money cause I don’t throw it around. Knowing I’m buying boosts that may only last me a month …. I’m LESS likely to buy them.

If I knew that, in case of a major nerf without legitimate reasons I’d get them back or partially back, would encourage me to buy them. Side effect: Ludia will most likely start nerfing and buffing more logically and at the very least for better reasons cause they will want to prevent the free refunds as much as possible. Only doing major nerfs to creatures that actually need it. Smaller nerfs, again, should not be eligible for a free refund to begin with.
You can use either or all of your 3 free tokens for those

I agree with you @Poezzzie, and I am very much with you on the spending money issue.
I will spend a bit on the game but nothing I can’t afford and never anything excessive.
I’m currently loathe to boost much on Indotaurus as I feel it may be hit with the nerf hammer after so much free dna was given away after the last tourney.
But with the tokens I just received I wonder if it would be better to wait a while or see if we are getting any more next month before deciding what’s best.

Depends on the nerf.

If it’s something like what happened to Monomimus where it actually does get smacked with nerfs until it becomes truly useless, then absolutely.

If it’s honestly a comparatively minor nerf or rework and the creature is still otherwise useful and powerful, then no.