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If a dino dodges a move, how does she get stunned...?

I still don’t understand this logic. If the move was dodged, surely that means no stun? Similarly, maybe we could consider auto-resistance if the move is dodged?

Dodge already takes 44% of the damage regardless, and is by far the worst of the damage reducers. So maybe if it dodges the attack, the same could be applied to side effects. If dodge succeeds:

44% less damage from DoT
44% less speed reduction
44% less chance of stun
etc. etc.

This means the dino wouldn’t completely avoid the effects, and unless resilient strike is changed, still won’t do anything against a resilient dino.



i mean. makes sense.


I’m certainly on board with this idea, but I think the speed reduction thing may only apply to any decel move that isnt resilient blank or superiority since those go through or break the mechanic anyways if that makes sense


Oh yeah, this would only apply if dodge actually succeeded.


Make sense

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I was going to say, if Erlidominus can get a Cloak off and the opponent can’t use a Resilient move for any reason to nullify it, that’d be pretty dangerous.

I dig the idea nonetheless. Anything that could level the playing field a bit for Cunnings is fair play for me.

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Some dinosaurs have literally force fields that appear from nowhere like its Star Trek or something, I think logic doesn’t really matter lol

I do agree though that how can something be stunned if it didnt take any percussion hit to stun it :thinking:

They could introduce “Glancing Blows” that wouldnt be a full on dodge, but would take partial effects like you mentioned.


Same goes for invincibility…

Ludia’s take on things:

Shield gets shattered and you’re still dead
DOT and you’re still dead
STUN and you’re still dead (or prevented from doing what’s intended)
Distract and you’re still dead (or prevented from doing what’s intended)


Poukandac : I LOVE this idea!

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This has my vote!

I like this idea, dodge definitely needs something to help it out a bit. The ability to mitiate debuffs would be really helpful for cunnings, and it would make dodge attacks more than just shields with RNG.

On a somewhat related topic, why can’t you cleanse your stunned teammates in raids? Obviously if you yourself are stunned, you can’t attack, so you can’t cleanse yourself. But if you use a group cleansing attack while one of your teammates is stunned, shouldn’t that remove the stun? The only fundamental issue I see is that a stunned dino won’t have a move selected if they get cleansed the turn after they were initially stunned.


That would actually be a great idea too. I suppose they could still use their basic move?


Maybe? Or just have the stunned dino still select a move, but with the understanding that they may not get to use it. Of course, being unable to use the move would mean that it wouldn’t go on cooldown.


Why aren’t you guys on the dev team?

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Orion seems to be the only dodger I can rely on. Anything else gets toasted :frowning:

The dinos which dodge shouldn’t get stunned until they are nullifyed