If all were level 30 😍

And the crit, rampage, cloak of a level 30 does 10,200 damage.

and a trex?

6195 damage with a rampage crit

wow thats a big crit by erlid.

not sure. i’d probably rather have a shattering that does a little less damage though.
it will kill a non-shielded lvl 30 stegodeus though :joy:

Level 30 stegodeus has 6196 health… lol

lol… 1 HP left…
i mean the 10,200 i think it’s like 7140 right (10,200 x 0.7)

Nevermind it’s 6199 health i pressed a wrong button on my calculator.

7140 damage, so yes

i think the maxx has a lvl 30 trex.
mine is only 20. it does 1269. a 21 will do 1332.

can you do the formula based on that to figure out a level 30 attack? i forget what the formula is :confounded:

Mine is level 22, and yes i will

That’s alot of decimals

my trex is level 25 with 1700 damage

so shattering crit is 6198?
30 stegodeus has 1 HP?

A Level 1 erlidomimus had 886 hp

would be cool if this app could add crit damage

What kind of calculator are they using? If you calculate it yourself it’ll be 886. Devolve calculation is Γ·1.05 and upgrade is x1.05

crit is just 1.5x