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If alpha isn't defeated?


We put all energy into the last one, now there’s the first 5 star alpha, were not going to be able to finish it.

Question: what happens when it escapes? Will it lower a tier, or will it completely reset back to 1 star?
Also what will happen with the current alpha chest quality? It’s close but not unlocked yet.

Thanks in advance!


Per Ludia, the alpha star level is random. Per player base experience, it will most likely give you a 4 star.

Alpha chests are set at spawn, so defeating or failing subsequent alphas does not impact your current chest. Chest is the average of your last 5 alphas

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Good to know, thanks for the assistance ^^


I can confirm Talisax’ words, it will only set you back one star. If you, for whatever reason, fail to kill a previous star Alpha twice - it will drop another star. But it doesn’t reset completely. The reason Talisax’ posts from “support”(about random Alphas) were hidden - was probably because the info was simply incorrect.

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That is why I asked three times and offered how the player base felt it worked. I don’t think a single player believes the alphas are random as this wouldn’t make sense nor does it match our experience. Yet Ludia stands by this statement.


Maybe Ludia is thinking about type of alpha, which is random. But the tier/lever/star count (or whatever you call it) it definitely not random.

Different question: Do you get bonus keys when is alpha not defeated?


I’m going to find out in about 7 hours, will let you know


No, bonus is only for victory