If an apex is removed

When a apex is removed how will we able to get his dna? Will there be a new way to obtain apex creatures dna outside of raids

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if they change one of the old ones; they might just do a 1-3 month cycle

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Who knows? Maybe the seven apexes we have now will always be the only ones

That would never happen or they would simply cycle them. But let say they would want to do it, then here’s my suggestion:

Once an Apex is removed, they could give DNA as a reward incentive at the end of the month, based on your rank. Current rewards are pretty much useless anyway and there’s no current incentive to go up the ladder. I would even add a twist. You would get DNA based on the lowest score you got in the month, not the highest score. So, arena droppers would get way less. For normal players, the difference is always minimal between top and low score for the month, so the reward would pretty much be the same. And for top players, well, they are probably hoping that the max level (30) for the dinos will increase eventually anyway.

Ok at least one way but i hope there’s something to unlock them for free

I doubt an apex will be removed. The 7 apexes are here to stay

I hope that is the case.

They said no apex removed and also new apex will appear. So it’s sadly gonna happen

There are only 7 days in a week. Ludia may be done with new apexes. If more were to be added it would be a cycle.

I would love when they be e.g. 8 and they just shifts through the week…

They add it to the market, it’s a Ludia move.