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If anything needs a nerf, its Indo Gen 2

That dino is ridiculous. Unless the rng gods decide to give you a swap in effect removal on your team, or you have a procera, you pretty much have lost already. Why an epic [sorry, legendary] is leagues beyond its unique counter part makes no sense.

I have lost using 22 Indo, 24 dracocera, 21 utahsino all to that one dino. You can’t use Indo’s evasion, g 2 has effect removal. You can’t hit the thing with draco or utah since it gets to apply speed-up, evasion, and who knows what else on 1 turn.

People complain about draco, and I get it. But draco cannot beat an entire team by itself in most cases, and there are many ways to deal with draco. This Indo g 2 is either win or lose specifically if I get an effect removal dino on the draw.

That is broken. Pre dodge fixing, it was easier at least to deal with…now, its just broken.


it is strong because of its components. granted cautious strike is op, but it being better than og indo is not a problem. as for the dodge thing, this was a survey. the majority of players wanted dodge at a higher chance since most dodge moves were rendered useless. I find it a good compromise.


Indo G2 is a legendary first of all. Second of all its ingredients are quite hard to get. Echo is easy if you live in local 1. T-Rex G2 is going to be a lot harder to get with the daily spawn nerf, and Blue is event exclusive. Also, movie/in game lore.

Although cautious strike is op. Get rid of the cleanse and dodge and give it a 150 point hp nerf and you have something that is still powerful, but more balanced


relax… it will be properly nerfed after a lot of players spend everything leveling and boosting it up… and its counters.

a matter of time. :sunglasses:
recurrent scenario for jwa.


I know. I also said dodge should be increased in the survey. While the components are hard to get, especially echo for me, how a lv 17 (sorry legendary not an epic) can defeat 2 other lv 23 and 24 legendary along with a 22 unique of the same class is broken…that simply cannot be argued against.

Oh yeah, its not a game killer. It is terribly over powered though.

Yeah that sounds better.

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I love her and can’t wait to push her to the next levels.

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If I had it, I am sure I would love shutting people out with bigger dinos too. I can’t wait for it to be nerfed.


“but people really want this thing gutted for no reason.” No, I gave reasons, reasons that are clear and concise. There are good reasons for it to be strong, but it still at lv 17 should not be able to shut out much higher leveled dinos like that.

And…I have been playing games a long, long time. Nerfs exist to combat power creep. So people want to nerf because developers power creep to sale more stuff. Eventually a base gets upset at the power creep, and then a nerf happens to placate the base. Saying indo g2 is strong because [reasons here] is no different in logic than saying nerfs occur because [reasons here]. Power creeps and nerfs are always part of these games.

I’m not sure if this would work, but could ardontosaurus potentially take it out?

Maybe…it would be hard though. Ardo does not remove the speed…and the wording there…Cloak, Evasion, and shields does not specifically say ‘dodge’. The other issue there would be the attack power difference.

I am curious now if Ardo would remove dodge too.

There’s no excuse, it’s broken indeed. But it will get nerfed eventually, you can count on that. They’re just letting people play with this new toy (and spend money on it) before they nerf it. Same old trick.


ardo has decelerating impact. and i do think the precise shattering strike removes all evasion types.
and if it goes second, it will have the upper hand.


Does it? I never use Ardo…just saving for Maximus. Yeah that would help…especially if all evasion types are removed. But, a while back when I used Ardo some, it did not seem very good against many things. Granted mine was at 17 or 18 then.

Nerfing CS will not be a big thing as you think. The problem is, it still has an advantage even if it’s slow. For that, it has two moves, CS is only one of them. If it survive after two hits from the opponent, it can take out the opponent and take a big chunk out of the next Dino coming in.

Every Dino that has Instant Damage could be it’s bane and of course Swap in Damage can also deal with it.


We have talked about DC for months.

I’m not sure about this either.

I think this dino will work as a dino between lower arenas and higher ones.

I by no means want it gutted. But it would be easier to “safely” invest in something that isn’t in danger of getting the nerf hammer because it’s op. I want to use indo gen 2 but the risk of losing resources is still too high. People having it is just a matter of time, I’m thinking long term on my team. The dinos that can take it down are very few and that isn’t balanced, though the game has had such powercreep balance decisions that I don’t know if I can say that anymore. But anyway, if it is more balanced but still strong, we can invest on it without fear of a huge hammering.

i don’t think it needs a change, however something could give in its ability pool. it doesn’t really need 2 cleanse moves.