If anything this game is consistent


I had a plan this morning wanting coins! I also basically ignore all of the supply drops along my way darting all the dinosaurs in my area till I return to avoid useless darts when maxed.

By the time I finished was down to 96 and first drop 44 darts! I figure great back up to 140. Next 6 drops in a row 44 darts.

This games BS of constantly giving you things you cannot use needs to stop before allot of players get tired of it and quit

All and I do mean all the dinosaurs that spawn around me on a regular basis are ones that I have thousands of dna already and consistently in incubators I get dna for same dinosaurs!


I have seen a lot of angry people, a lot of people with sample size of 5 SD saying it’s broken, a lot of people who just don’t know about RNG but not so many all in one :sweat_smile:

FYI : it’s called confirmation bias

It’s a game, luck and RNG are a part of it. SD rewards were greatly increased and I thanks Ludia for that. Of course I drop lot of times 3 or more +44 darts in a row. But it’s ok. I can’t imagine how you would feel when opponent’s stegoceratops will stun you 4 turns in a row or when its indoraptor will dodge everything :joy:


It happens all the time to me stun after stun after stun but I have also been on the other side stunning after stunning after stunning! I have no complaints anymore about battling but I still have complaints about winning useless things especially when I pay for VIP! They need to do something more for us other than double rewards!

If a reward was a dirty diaper, getting double isn’t a great thing!

So IMO getting double of something useless is just double useless!