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If boosts 2.0 had been 1.0

If the current boost system (2.0 added in the 1.10 update) was the original system used. ie The previous 2,4,8,16,32,64,128… system with 10 levels never existed. If the original system had the current setup with 100 boosts per level and 30 levels ect. Then would any of you that used Hard cash to buy boosts in the previous system still have used hard cash to do so? Would you have paid the 2,000 HC for a 2% boost? I personally would not have spent so much for so little gain

Maybe some, but not nearly as much as I bought under the old system. I bought all of them every time they showed up. I will maybe buy a few more, but I feel Ludia is probably going to lose out here. The value was better in the old system, even if the valued burned up fairly quickly. Now, the value is crap and its drawn out over way to much time.

I feel the 2.0 system would’ve been cheaper than it is now if implemented first. Currently, players are already sitting on a number of boosts, so that kind of skews the perspective a little bit. A start from scratch system would’ve been cheaper initially due to not knowing how boosts would effect the balance of the game. If that is the case, then I probably would’ve bought boosts. We wouldn’t have known any better.
As the system stands now, no. I would not buy boosts for these little gains if the cost is not at all comparable.

I had a feeling when I saw you typing that hindsight bias would be involved somehow lol. That fact is I have seen systems in other games that offer low percentage gains at high costs. I have never considered buying them for a sec. I see it and think “I’ll just earn it for free”. I did the math each and every time I bought boosts. How I was going to use them and if it was worth it to buy them yet or wait and do it later.

My impulse control is bad, so i would’ve bought boosts regardless. How much really depended on if i had the HC at the time. But i honestly do believe that the boost system would’ve been cheaper initially. Probably closer to 2/3s what it is now. But thats more than likely some wishful thinking and hindsight bais talking.

If would have to be 3/4 cheaper (100 boosts for 500 HC) to make it worth it. One of each attack, health and speed boost per week at the store for 500 each. But if they did this now I would want the extra 1500 HC per 100 boosts that I spent already back in my inventory.