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If boosts are to stay

How about a new move?

Instant Crippling Rampage

  • Priority
  • 2x Damage
  • 75% distraction
  • 50% slowing
  • Lasts three turns.

Because honestly, that’s the only thing that will be able to counter the OP (OB?) monsters you’ve created.


Youd still need to put it on a monster or thor will just 1 shot it with an instant charge crit.

Of course! New creature DNA will be on sale next Monday.


we already have a nodopatosaurus incubator for $19.99 like who would buy that

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I think that instant charge should be re-examined at this point. Both Utahsino and Thor are serious game breakers with boosts.

Thats a long term nerf for a short term problems… eventually thor will be at 209 and everything that was above 109 in 1.6 will be faster then it again… in alot of match upe in 1.6 ic was the only time those two every got to go fast.

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Instacharge on something with such high damage is idiotic to begin with imo, it’s like a priority rampage from most dinos with a stun on top

This whole “eventually everything will be fully boosted” is really bad because at current rates it takes around 10 years to fully boost 8 dinos, the weekly boost strikes so far are only 25 and dont even happen every week…thors will be overboosted longer than most of us will be playing this game if they don’t make a big change


Just like we thought eventually we’d all have level 30 uniques and the playing field would be even… the joke’s on us (Ludia created boosts)

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No leave utasino alone… Do what u want with Thor

Or, right in the battle arena you have a button and if the match isn’t going great you click it and for 5HC, you win. The ultimate pay to win.

I bet this is ludia’s new idea

Crit boosts
Increase crits by 60%
Thor be like

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pocemon reported that Armor and Crit boosts were in the code if I remember correctly. 90% armor Thors! Oh goody! Only thing that can hurt it is a faster 90% armor Thor. Speed boosts still reign supreme !!

So this is totally messing up the arena right now making it difficult to even get the daily battle incubator for me at bottom of Aviary some times. So I figure, Hey I’ll just go out hunting. Spent over an hour looking at mostly Iguanadon. Too much of daily dino and not enough variety. And the tournament is a no go because I wouldn’t have time to commit to play enough hoping for a relevant rank. So just do strike events and get coins and wait for tomorrow.

For 500 hard cash a pop they’ll sell you whatever you want. Untested and no guarantee of the outcome or if it works at all…

Read the small print…

To be fair, the playing field isn’t meant to be even between similar dinos or different levels and it’s not meant to be even between higher boosted Dinos and lesser boosted ones. What most want is it to be an advantage and not a gulf.

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Wait, so a Thor with 209 speed, load of health and attack 90% crit chance and 40% armour. Oh dear. Oh dear indeed

Hey… I don’t see that in the store. Is that an IOS only thing!!! I want one too!!!

Not is store. Another one of those hidden sales. Keep clicking until you find it. Then max all dinos.

Spare no expense on Jurassic world…lol

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I have a 29 thor boosted. I level 21 thor crushed almost my whole team yesterday… they had a lot more boosts obviously. Glad I wasted so much time catching dinos…

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