If boosts didn’t exist

If boosts didn’t exist what would your teams looks like which of your fav dinosaurs or mammals would you run and why

Mine would be

Tentao cause it’s the second best chomper in the game behind tryko

Tryko cause it well tryko strong, balanced, versatile and cool looking

Dilorach and Rinex would be able to deal with chompers and most non immune anti tanks with ease

spinota - the king of bleeders is one best dinos to start with crits impact, lethal wound and 129 speed surprised less people use her

Magna my trump card able to face anything as long as it’s slower or equal speed

Erlidom my anti-speedsters I feel like she will not fail me

grypo great to deal with tanks and annoy rats :rat:

Can’t wait to see what y’all team would be.


This is my dream team as of this moment.

Almost all dinos I like personally. Maxima is the only one I’m not a huge fan of.

Other honorable mentions are spinotasuchus and purutaurus. I like their looks.

Probably same things.

The only difference would be that Tenonto would skyrocket in usefulness.

Here’s my unboosted team so it wouldn’t change if we didn’t have boost because I never changed to begin with.

I only fight max boosted people.
So my team would be identical.

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Mad respect for that Diorajasaur. She’s on my dream team every time.


If boosts didnt exist, my arena team would.


If boosts didn’t exist, probably the same squad. Maybe Mammolania and Gemini in for Tenoto and Thora. Dropping Erlid for Grypho.

The dynamics without boosts would change how we build our teams. For 1 DracoRat could still be viable. ProceRat might be more problematic.



This be 8 of at least 16 creatures i would use but at last no

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Non boost team:
Indoraptor (of course)
Indoraptor GEN 2

it would be like it is now, i use the creatures i like the design or move pool, would switch once in a while to try new combinations, this one is actually beeing quite good, hate the arena but since it’s titanoboa this month i’m going in the arena to get the DBI, my win ratio was 70% lost to overleveled and overboosted only, still going unboosted not gonna join the problem


At first I would put all my lvl 29/30 dino, plus Tryko, in my team and find out if I can survive in lockwood libraries.
If so, I would replace Draco with lvl 26 Stygi.