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If boosts even last

So I haven’t boosted a single one of my dinos, just been stacking whatever I’ve earned from incubators and such. I’m not sure if should wait until I unlock uniques to boost them or use some of what I have now. Is boosting worth it?

I’ve found that it’s worth it. I’ve been using them on my legendary creatures to supplement for the hard to get DNA.

plan your team first. there are alot of ways you can go about it. like choosing dinos that may not get nerfed. focusing mostly on 4 dinos that way atleast one will get picked. bringing up your lower leveled dinos to team level. or joining the bandwagon dinos and boosting those up. i chose my favorites and made sure they covered most strengths then i evenly boosted them, and slightly boosted my chompers a little more. you learn alot from battling though, since matchmaking will pair you up with like opponents.

I wouldnt boosts more then tier 2 on a creature your not planning on taking far…

And if your winning right now as is why spend them.

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You think they may make a difference for strike events then?

yes because they specify to get your strike team leveled evenly

They would help with strikes if you struggle with them. That would be worth it to consistantly do the epic towers if your not their yet.

I forget strikes are still challenging for others… i pick my thor and Im like ok like see if i can do this 5 step tower without getting hit.

I’ve had quite a few of the strikes kick my butt haha. Suuuuper close to unlocking Thor though

well save some speed boosts for thor for sure… getting him to like 130 pretty much makes strikes easy… even if you dont walk through them all by the time thors done cleanup should be easy with the rest of your team.

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thats another reason why boosts are good. no more whining that teams are to weak.

I feel like that will be the only appeal of boosts for me is to help with some of those harder strike events.

i mean if thats all you feel you will accomplish in this game… there is a whole sea out there past that pond that you are living in.

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If we are gonna be honest here… boosted towers are going to be a thing. Im already kinda excited to try one… and it gets the i dont do arena into a place where there gonna want some boosts. The ai already has boosted smilodons in the higher arenas lol

ai uses players teams right or wrong? thats how its been i thought.

Lol i dont know back in 1.5 i fought an ai that had 2 dg2s and 2 allosino.

yeah. bugs lol. im sure thats why you saw the boosted smilodon. im more worried about the lord tier strike events lol.

Lord thor is gonna be tough

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atleast it will finally get armor. and immunity :cry:

Remember when people were like thor needs armor not even an upgrade from allosino.

i still think he does lol but that would gain a nerf now. im sure many threads will come to remove thors ic. ic is the biggest issue with super fast dinos lol