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If Brachiosaurus had Gen 2!

It could be like Jurassic park 3!


Looks like a mix of Soronasaurus and Giraffititan. However, it seems balanced, and the colors used do look pretty good. However, they match Ardents a bit, but I dont mind. Overall, its a good balance.

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This thing is super strong. I would remove the pin ability to balance it out. Nice JP3 brachi design

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what if it had an epic hybrid with dsungaripterus?

Health: 5729 Crit: 30
Speed: 115 Armor: 30
Damage: 1173
stats may be a bit iffy, I’m not good with stats just drawing and concepts.
maybe it can also have a super-hybrid? maybe two? one with tanycolagreus, and the other with Titanoboa gen2? I’ve got nothing name wise or stats. opinions?

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this seems better than the normal brachi

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I’ll create it for you, But i’ll porpose stats myself

ok, i can draw tho.

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I create My versión But exist the stats, You can take ir. It’s Your Hybrid after all :slight_smile:

if you want you can still make the info sheet and whatnot but I do kinda wanna try drawing them myself as well.

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Thank you! I’ll waiting for the design!

Useful Creature!