If Dino’s had a theme song

Here I am going down 95 south and listening to music when “Disturbed- down with the sickness” comes on, and in between my grunts and head banging, it hits me that this particular song must be stuck on repeat for your boi SR3.

So, I’m throwing this question out to the forum:

If Dino’s had a theme song or entrance theme, what would it be and why?

For me, Scorp Rex 3 is “down with the sickness” hands down!


If Skoonasaurus had a battle theme. It’d be “The Dragon” from ARK: Survival Evolved.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to share a link to the song, but it works with Skoonasaurus so well. It perfectly portrays a battle with a giant armored behemoth-like creature.

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Hadros Lux and Para Lux definitely share “Blinding Lights” from The Weekend.


Indoraptor Gen 2 and Dracoceratops share “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. :laughing:


T rex, megalotops, and any flocks higher than epic (for me) would have this since 1. T rex is kinda good for early players and 2. mega is a good shield and kinda good offense for early players too. 3. flocks are very good at getting good hits on you
Basically the “you’re so screwed” song

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From dinosaurs eating people to eating cucumber…

I listened to this a couple of times… I didn’t want to say goodbye…

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I have one for Mortem. It would be At Dooms Gate from the Doom series. Cause Mortem Rex means “Death King”. Or maybe Crowned from Kirby Return to Dreamland.

Got to have a balanced diet.

The first time i heard it, i got did tear up a little.

There’s a nice rendition by Jimmy Fallon on youtube as well.

Stygidaryx and Thoradolosaur definitely share “Wellerman”