If Dinosaurs had theme songs (unfinished)

I had this topic idea in my mind for a long while.
For me, there are certain songs I keep hearing in my head, playing certain dinosaurs or pulling off certain plays with them. Or just fit them in general.

Firstly, I’d like to go through all mines (please don’t post until I have finished all 144!), then I’d like you to contribute in this, as well. Do you like them, do you have a different one in mind? Let me know, after the complete list!

So, without further ado, let’s start!

Jurassic All-Stars

Allosaurus - Thousand Foot Krutch: War of Change

The idea behind this one was to find a song that both captures the speed and stength of an Allosaurus. Plus, there are some lines that really fit the bill, like: “Wait, it’s just about to break!”. He is talking about your shields, tanks :smiley:

Ankylosaurus - Skillet: Saviors of the World

The only thing I can say about this, I wanted an inspiritonal, last-stand feeling song, but unlike the following Anky Gen 2, I wanted this one to feel like a winable fight’s song. Ankylosaurus, to me, when I used it, was always this “last stand bastion” tank, with the immerse bulk, armor and shields. A Savior of the World, if you wish.

Ankylosaurus Gen 2 - Breaking Benjamin: Blow me Away

Ah, yes, the Masrani-generation Ankylosaurus. This one was a fighter. The song perfectly captures the hopeless fight it had with Indominus. But even then, it took the last stand and went down in honor. A true champion.

Baryonyx - TobyMac: Ignition

The whole “come test the water” bit really makes me think of this dinosaur. Cause you know, it’s a fisher. And the whole explosion nature and the word “ignition” really reminds me of the Fallen Kingdom Lava Chamber scene. And the short form “Bary” rhymes with “Toby”.

Brachiosaurus - The Pretty Reckless: House on a Hill

I tried to find a song that really captures the melodic calling sound of the Jurassic-franchise Brachiosaurus. And in my opinion, Taylor Momsen fits the bill perfecty. So is this this ballad-like song of her band. It also has that heartbreaking tone that fits the bill with that particular scene in Fallen Kingdom (starts quietly sobbing)

Blue - Skillet: Hero

This one, while I think is pretty straight-forward, is in particular, inspired by the scene Blue saves Rexy / Roberta, who then get the second-chance, to obliterate Indominus… And obliterate she did.

Charlie - Halestorm: Don’t know how to stop

I don’t have a particular explanation for this one, other than, for me, Charlie is such a tomboy name. And tomboys are cute, so is Charlie… And I really like Lzzy’s voice, so I can’t help, but associate the two for some reason.

Delta - Metallica: Seek ‘n’ Destroy

Ah, the Beta (if we don’t count Owen) of the raptor pack, the most vicious and borderline evil raptor. It only gives justice to give such a malicious animal a viciously good thrash-metal. Almost as thrashy as she thrashed around Hoskins :smiley:

Echo - Disturbed: Immortalized

Not really much to say here. This particular song was inspired by the stand-off and following fight between I-Rex and Delta + Echo. I also wanted to give Echo a bit of an aggressive and cocky song, since, after Delta, she was the most vicious of the raptor back, to the point she challenged Blue in their youth and engaged in combat that resulted in the permanent scar across her face.

Indominus Rex - Disturbed: Hell

I wanted to a song that captures the creepy, unsettling, yet powerful but also damaged nature of I-Rex. She looked like a monster, so they treated her like a monster… So she became a monster.
Plus, I can’t help myself, but sing everytime my Cloak-Rampage is about to hit “Burning now, I bring you HEEEEEELLLL!!!”

Indoraptor - Drowning Pool: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Our beloved psycho-hybrid, rocking it with all his murderous might! Go Indo!
Also, it really feels like that, when you dodge everything. Let the bodies hit the floooooor!!!

Carnotaurus - Pillar: Frontline

In the game, in real-life and in Fallen Kingdom, Carnotaurus, to me, says “bruiser”. This song emphasizes that. And for me, it gives the hilarious image of Carno saying “Everybody with your fists raised high”. Cause you know, he can’t. :joy:

Dimorphodon - Within Temptation: A Demon’s Fate

Dimorphodon, to me, always looked like a Bat out of Hell. So it would only give him justice to associate this song with him. And so did I.

Pachycephalosaurus - Trapt: Headstrong

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Pachycephalosaurus is a thick-headed, headstrong little menace of a herbivore. And ever since Dracorex was suggested

Parasaurolophus: Timmy Trumpet ft. Savage: Freaks

Cause, you know… They say Parasurolophus had a trumpeting sound. That’s all.

Pteranodon - Cryoshell: Gravity Hurts

Not really much to say. Just listen and enjoy the ride… Or shall I say, flight?
I also chose this particular piece, because I wanted to share my love for Cryoshell. They are a pretty small band, but so underrated if you ask me. They started out with writing songs for Bionicle and Hero Factory promotion material, but luckily, they are still around. :slight_smile:

Spinosaurus - Simple Plan: Me Against the World

Ever since the discovery of the new Spinosaurus skeleton, I am starting to like the dinosaur again for being so different than anything else, as far as theropods go. So a rebel song is more than fitting since Spinosaurus is nowadays one of the main flagships (haha, it has a sail and aquatic, get it?) in the war of trying to make people realise, dinosaurs are not just “cool dragons”, but actual animals. And they can be weird. And well, the whole “Me agains the world” just mocks Spino awesomebros, cause they just have to pit Spinosaurus against literally every carnivore (which is ridiculous, because Spino would be stomped into the ground by any true apex predator theropod as well as the likes of Sarcosuchus).

Stegosaurus - Starset: Last to Fall

I don’t really have a reason for this one, either. I guess, since Stegosaurus is a tank, it falls down hardly. And it was one of the last Jurassic dinosaurs, before the Cretaceous began.

Triceratops: Rihanna - Shut up and Drive

Well, there wasn’t much to work with, from what we saw in the first Jurassic Park. But ever since they have been added to Gas Station’s as a spawn, this is what I catch myself humming… And guess it’s also a female song for a female dinosaur? I dunno… It just fits the bill for me.

Triceratops Gen 2 - Seether: Out of my Way

Masrani Global’s Triceratops. Well, the only reasoning I can give, Triceratops is a literal, moving tank, with giant spears attached to the front. You really don’t want to stand in one’s way.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Rexy / Roberta) - Disturbed: Indestructible

Oh, good old Rexy, Queen of Nublar. The undefeated. The indestructible. This song is just tailor-made to her.

T-Rex Gen 2 (Buck?) - Disturbed: Tyrant

Not much to say, just that: All hail the Tyrant Lizard King! Plus, it kinda fits the story of The Lost World’s Buck, so that’s always a bonus.

Velociraptor - Within Temptation: Iron

I wanted a song that is both fast and captures the mischievous nature of the Raptors. You might be able to tame them, but they are, and always will be, predators, that thrive in the thrill of the hunt.

Stygimoloch - Daugthry: Crashed

Get it? Cause Stygimoloch crashes into things while charging? Heh? HEH? Okay, I know where the door is…

Sinoceratops - Nickelback: Coin for the Ferryman

No particular reason. Just the vibes I get from playing this dinosaurs, or just looking at the fight of this and Carnotaurus in Fallen Kingdon.

Dilophosaurus - Disturbed: Venom



Part 2


Deinocheirus - Dino Crisis OST: Giant Claws

Not much to say here. I really love the Soundtrack and it was made for the Dino Crisis incarnation of Therizinosaurus / Deinocheirus (it was a carnivore in that game, cause at that time, we didn’t know how either of these dinosaurs really looked like)

Erlikosaurus - Voltaire:Land of the Dead

Erlikosaurus is named after the demon king Erlik, so this song, for me, was the perfect match. Bonus point for the “horror’s hand” motif.

Erlikosaurus Gen 2 - Starset: Let it Die

“I cut you into pieces”… Hahaha… Get it? :smiley:

Lythronax - Disturbed: Warrior

Ah, Lythronax. The Gore King. The T-Rex before T-Rex. Vicious, full of attitude and teeth.

Majungasaurus - Ke$ha: Cannibal

Majungasaurus is one of those confirmed cannibalistic dinosaurs. Nothing more to chew about this one.

Dilophosaurus Gen 2 - Britney Spears: Toxic


Monolophosaurus - Halsey: Control

I decided to go with this song, because I honestly thing Monolophosaurus looks menacing for a small carnivore. And it’s also a control monster, especially for something so fast.

Monolophosaurus Gen 2 - Sum 41: Hell Song

There wasn’t much to work with here, so I went creative. I still tried to somehow tie it to the dinosaur, so I chose a punk song (because of the head crest)

Suchomimus - Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

Cut them open and bleed them dry!!! :smiley:

Irritator - Demi Lovato: Confident

Dunno. The song is similar to Suchomimus’ Bad Blood, so that’s always nice, to find similar songs to related dinosaurs. No other explanation.

Irritator Gen 2 - Three Days Grace: Riot

Okay, for this particular Irritator, I wanted an angry, irritated song. I succeeded.

Baryonyx Gen 2 - Tomb Raider Anniversary: Terrifying Claw

Baryonyx means “Heavy claw” in latin. Nothing more to this one.

Spinosaurus Gen 2 - Metallica: The Unforgiven ///

The idea behind this one, Spinosaurus was featured in Jurassic Park ///, so pairing it with Metallica’s Unforgiven /// has a nice reference value. Also, the sailing motif just sells the theme. And the dinosaur is still unforgiven for a lot of Jurassic fans.

Concavenator - 30 seconds to Mars: Night of the Hunter

Venator, in Latin, makes Hunter. It’s all. And I think the aggressiveness of the lyrics really fit the playstyle of Concavenator.

Megalosaurus - Thousand Foot Krutch: Running with Giants

Megalosaurus one of the first “giga predatprs” in the Jurassic, one that was around the rise of sauropods. So the “running with giants” was a no-brainer.

Proceratosaurus - Lion King: Be Prepared

Well… Proceratosaurus for some reason, reminds me of Scar, with all that shaggy fur and all. And since it is a tyrannosaur, one of the earliest, the whole “shining new era” is just awkwardly on-point.

Gorgosaurus - Heather Dale: Medusa

The Gorgon Lizard. Perfection. Also, as with Cryoshell, I thougth I would raise awareness towards Heather Dale. She is awesome.

Tarbosaurus - Breaking Benjamin: Blood

Another Tyrannosaur, another dominating song :slight_smile:

Rajasaurus - Tomb Raider III: India

Well… It’s an Indian dinosaur. Nothing else to say, really.

Utahraptor - Halestorm: Daughters of Darkness

To me, Utahraptor always had that Female Fatale aura. So… There it is.

Tanycolagreus - Theory of a Deadman (feat Alice Cooper): Savages

Tanycolagreus is a dino version of a savage hyena. The song just fits that theme.

Pyroraptor - Les Friction: World on a Fire

What else could be the themes song of the Fire Raptor?

Gallimimus - Thrashmen: Surfin Bird

The chicken mimic. Because… Bird… Is the word.

Ornithomimus - Death by Glamour

Well… Ornithomimus, if you ask me, moves such overly glamorous. And therefore, she reminds me of Mettaton… Oh, and legs for days. Gotta mention that. Don’t judge me. :sweat_smile:


@Verosika I love this!!!


I dont know what this is…


Part 3


Iguanodon - Cult to Follow: Leave it all Behind

Iguanodon was a tough herbivore. So is this song :smiley:

Einiosaurus - Pain Train

Well, it’s a red ceratopsian. Any questions remaining? :smiley:

Stygimoloch Gen 2 - Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance - Rules of Nature

The color palette in itself reminds me of Metal Gear Rising. And the song just fits this aggressive little herbivore. :slight_smile:

Edmontosaurus - Three Days Grace: Get out Alive

Well… It’s a hadrosaur. It has to use the running move to get out alive :smiley:

Apatosaurus - Thousand Foot Krutch: A Different Kind of Dynamite

The lyrics fit well on certain parts. That’s all.

Tuojiangosaurus - Icon for Hire: Fight

Playstyle-wise, this song sums it up pretty well. It’s a dinosaur that will put up a fight, even if it goes down in flames.

Tenontosaurus - Skillet: Not Gonna Die Tonight

Not gonna lie, finding fitting songs to hadrosaurs are pretty hard.

Maisaura - Tarzan: You’ll be in My Heart

The good mother lizard. This song is a perfect match.

Ouranosaurus - No Resolve: Get Me Out

Another running related song to a runner dinosaur.

Scolosaurus - Toky Ghoul: Centipede

The reasoning behind this one, Scolo, the usual way this dinosaur is called, means Scolopendra for me. A giant, carnivorous centipede.

Euoplocephalus - Skillet: The Resistance

One of the most resilient and resistant non-hybrid tank.

Nodosaurus - Starset: Die for You

Another inspirational, last stand song, for a dinosaur that usually has to make the last stand. Also, the “die for you” part is oddly relevant, when usually, I play it in a way that leaves it dead, but leaves the vulnerability debuff on the enemy.

Diplodocus - Breaking Benjamin: Unknown Soldier

Again, no clear explanation. It’s just a neat song that has some resembalance to the dinosaur in question.

Kentrosaurus - Breaking Benjamin: I Will Not Bow

Yeah… A tough song for a tough dinosaur. Not much to say.

Girrafatitan - Puffy Amy Yumi: Teen Titans

Heh, Titans… GiraffaTITAN. Sorry, had to. :smiley:

Dracorex Gen 2

Get it? The Dragon King heading towards the (medieval) castle. Other than that, just listen to the lyrics. They are just perfect.

Miragaia - Nightwish: Planet Hell

Mother Gaia… In Slaughter!!!

Dracorex - How to Tran Your Dragon: Flying Theme

Not really original, I’ll admit… But hey, if ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

Argentinosaurus - Thousand Foot Krutch: Courtesy Call

The lyrics are rather fitting for some parts.

Amargasaurus - Breaking Benjamin: Angels Fall

I guess Amarga rhymes with Angel? I honestly can’t give a definite answer.

Yeah guys, stop posting on Ravens dino theme songs thing here. Don’t make me get back on here to post about not not posting again.


Well, that’s it for today. I’ll continue tomorrow with non-dinosaurs, then move onto hybrids.


Reserving post here

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I was hoping Lythornax having “Lamborghini” from KSI as its theme, that could have been funny


Cool idea.

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While this is more a theme tune than a theme song I’ve always associated Quetzalcoatlus with the song “Sky Titans” by Two Steps from Hell solely due to our tribes exploits in Ark Survival Evolved. Having a half dozen Quetzals armed to the (non existent) teeth with auto turrets and catapults converging on a Titanosaur with the intent to tame it is a sight to behold. Provided of course the pilots all know where they’re going. :rofl:


My god dude, what an effort! That’s cool, gonna need some time to listen to them all :sweat_smile:


This is great! Was looking for 5FDP in the mix :sunglasses:


Oh, there will be, don’t worry :wink:


I’ve seen lots of the above bands live, good stuff!


Ivan didn’t make the meet & greet, but got him to sign a poster at the end though :smile:





But y’know, Thot gets the fame, but Erlido and Utasino are more guaranteed rat killers. The thing is that Thor gets ready to slay the next dino.

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“Produced by John Lassiter”

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When this little derpy runs out: