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If Dioraja can have a 2x attack, so should Poukan

I mean just look at these stats… And remember that Poukan is part fierce, the ones that are supposed to have the highest attack power. Dio beats her in every way except speed, and has a 2x attack to boot! Really, health and armor should be the only stat higher on Dio.

Following the actual game logic, and considering there’s an exclusive in Poukan’s lineage, she should have an attack equal to or higher than a resilient, and a higher crit. And if Dio is allowed to have a Resilient Rampage, Poukan should have a 2x attack.

I won’t even get into the argument that a shield shattering counter attack is almost worthless if the only moveset she has is perfectly countered by the shielded dinos. The only way it would have true value would be to give her speed immunity (and we all know that’s not likely to happen, even if it would make her more viable).


I agree with you completely, and if it has a double damage move than it can even be arena viable. Plus it has lower attack, so this would be a good option. I think it should have cunning rampage or fierce rampage.


To be fair, every other Unique beats Pouk in every way.


I mean the parrot mainly comes from the eagle line where the strat for them is basicly cheap a fierce creature away or get demolished by a resilient, and a rampage move does not realy fit

So in my opinion parrot should just get something more from poukai, and maybe some ferocity from tupan to confirm her as cunning fierce

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wait seriously? i mean who said that?


That’s like literally the main fierce thing cunnings have really good speed fierce have really high attack and resilients have a lot of life/armour it’s meant to be a rock paper scissors if fierce had low attack everything would kill them and they would become useless because they wouldn’t be able to kill resilients let’s look at three golds for example brachi blue and T-rex T-rex has the most attack of them cuz he’s fierce and made to kill resilient brachi has the most life because he’s resilient and made to annihilate cunning and pyroraptor has the most speed of them to be faster then the fierce and kill them the whole game is based off of this system

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I think poukan should have fearless dive, which is exactly like fearless flap, but does 2x damage. Maybe swap in distracting ferocity?

Back then, I never had to deal with rock paper scissors trash and i miss those days. pouk need slow immunity with either a 1.5x or 2.0x attack move should help it a lot with maybe 4050 hp

The rampage wouldn’t do much but that swap in is a great idea gives it some utility so if you can predict when someone is not cleansing distract like trykos rampage u can come in and do a 1.5× defense shatter and take no damage but it’s balanced by trashy stats I can see that being really powerful like if you have a max attack poukan swap in for 2700 take no damage and hit for another 2700 with that fearless flap

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Flaping rampage?

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So in all seriousness you would have it do 5400 damage with none back?

2x move on counter attackers are strong cause you’ll be doing 3x dmg that turn which with that amount of attack dio has plus for some reason it has 30% crit is just dumb and pouk is stuck with only 1x is just not fair

Literally anything with any resilient move at all shuts it down immediately it would be like sloth really really good vs certain dinos and dies fast vs anything resilient and it’s really not broken I mean mortem over there can do that 5400 in one impact on the first turn (with crit goes up to something insane like 6800) vs anybody even cunning with no swap in required and be set up to do 8k to the next poor dino pouka swaps in does it’s 5400 and then dies to the resilient they bring out to kill it

poukan can definitely have better multipliers. it is about as hard to create as dio (actually a bit harder)
would i go as far as 2x attack? probably not but at least an impact would be nice.

For me I look at Dioraja, Tryko, Mortem and see strong powerful dinos.

I look at Poukan and see a glorified parrot that shouldn’t even be in the same arena as proper dinos.

But that’s just me and I know plenty of other players are happy with the variety that other creatures add.

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my rework. adds slow immunity (much needed) 2x attack and new fearless skill (1.5x move and extra 5% on dodge. also stat buffs

Pretty decent the only real problem i see is that it doesen’t have a non cooldown damaging move(wouldn’t be too big of an issue but still)

If it’s a Cunning Fierce that leans much more heavily on the Cunning side, it should should have those Distraction and Speed Decel Resistances swapped.


Makes scense magna goes to the fierce side and has those resistances

But then again that decel resistance is nearly useless if resilient moves remove speed increases(tho i know there were sugestions to remove that, and i agree with them), but i guess it would work agains non resilient decelerating moves

it beats both max and gem with this rework and harms dio a ton even though it has more cunning it needs this