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If Dioraja can have a 2x attack, so should Poukan

oh sorry I didn’t understand delta’s phrase, i thought that delta meant “Dio and pouka are supposed to have highest attack power” not “fierces are supposed to have highest attack power”

(also you first took blue as an example and than you talked about pyroraptor but it doesn’t matter haha)

Oops lol I guess we both got confused


Don’t bring Dioraja into this and give them even more bad ideas.


I would just change distraction (“reduced damage”) to pounce/distracting rampage/distracting impact. Fearless Flap does enough as it is, it doesn’t need to do more damage too. I was honestly kinda surprised when I found out it did any damage in the first place, with how much utility it has (if only resilients weren’t so dominant in the meta).

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I’ve always thought that poukan needs to start from or again, because being 89% cunning leaves him quite lazy in the current meta

those would be my 2 rework

As a cunning it should not beat resilients

But it shouldn’t. If it was meant to beat Resilients, then it should lose the Dodge abilities entirely and have more Fierce abilities in their place.

If it was meant to beat Fierce creatures, then it can’t have 100% Speed Resistance.

Giving it that kit and those Resistances makes it way too OP, since the only thing that can reliably beat it are creatures with Precise and Nullifying abilities.


That’s very close minded. It has fierce attributes and cunning attributes. It should do well against resilient and fierce. Or at least I think that’s how this awful and restrictive class system is supposed to be like.

U do realise the system was always in the game tho?

All 2.0 did was label it (and push resilient way too far but thats something else)

As a cunning fierce(cunning if u ask me), it should counter fierce and be kinda neutral agains resilients

A perfect example of a cunning fierce is magna does somewhat well agains both gets destroyed by anything faster


The hybrid classes are hard to figure out. Take Cunning-Fierce vs Fierce-Resilient, for example. On one hand, cunning beats fierce and fierce beats resilient, so Cunning-Fierce should beat Fierce-Resilient. On the other hand, resilient beats cunning and fierce ties with itself, so Fierce-Resilient should beat Cunning-Fierce.

So you end up with some some Cunning-Fierce dinos like Magnapyritor that are more like a fierce (immune to decel but are weaker against distraction), and others like Diplovenator that are more like a cunning (weak to deceleration but immune to distraction). Since different Cunning-Fierce dinos focus on different things, it makes sense that some should beat Fierce-Resilient, and others should lose to it. As such, I tend to evaluate hybrid class dinos as individuals (i.e. not all dinos of the same hybrid class will have the same strengths and weaknesses). The class almost doesn’t matter, only the moves and resistances that happened to be given to it. As long as every dino has sufficient good and bad matchups, there’s no issue there.

For Poukandactylus, they’ve built it with a mostly cunning strengths so far (mostly dodge and distraction with distraction resistance). Now that doesn’t mean it can’t be made more fierce, of course. But keeping the need for every dino to have a weakness in mind, it wouldn’t make sense to have it be equally strong against fierce AND resilient, even if that’s what the hybrid class suggests: if that was the case, what dinos are supposed to beat it? I guess the obvious answer there is “cunnings” since they beat fierce and are neutral against themselves (and most cunning-fierce dinos like Magna and Monolometerodon tend to be “weak” to cunnings), but it would probably have to lose it’s distraction resistance for that. Then again, Magnapyritor and Monolometerodon have both deceleration immunity and dissertation resistance, so maybe it would be ok (even if it’s probably the most broken thing about Monolometerodon)?


I honestly think we should have fierce-resilient and resilient-fierce be diffrent things(and like that for all class hybrids)

Basicly if something thats a class hybrid(fierce and cunning) but heavily shifts towards one class(magna fierce, parrot cunning) it should have the class that it shifts towards as the, first word? I guess? Idk how to explain this

Basicly magna is more fierce then cunning so fierce-cunning, parrot is more cunning then fierce cunning-fierce

For parrot beating both fierce and resilient yeah wouldn’t realy make scense if it shifts to the cunning side. Especialy as it has dodge and not all cunning are both immune to distraction and percise(like a certain privileged therizinosaurid), so if it was cunning fierce and bet both those classes not even cunnings would do much agains it

So in order to make the parrot effective agains both fierce and resilient but not OP u’d have to get into her base build and build it from there and the result is a magna that can fly most likley

That makes a lot of sense, but it may be hard for us (or specifically for ludia) to differentiate between the two versions of each hybrid class. I’m sure some would be pretty close to right down the middle, like Alloraptor. On one hand it’s immune to deceleration, arguably the main weakness of the cunning class. But on the other hand, it has two distracting moves, only one move that breaks shields, and the stereotypical speedy “glass cannon” build used for most raptors .

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Yeah eremoceros is like right in between cunning and resilient, and even orion might be wierd

But theres obvious ones like skoona resilient cunning, or tyranolopho and acrotops fierce cunning, or tryko fierce resilient and maxima, gem, dio resilient fierce…

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See I would say Acrocanthops is another one right down the middle. It’s way slower than most cunnings, but the moves tend to lean more cunning than fierce. The resistances don’t really help: it resists DoT (which both cunning and fierce do), Stun (stun resistance is all over the place, and it only has 33.4% resistance anyway), and it has taunt immunity (which is a resilient effect, but it’s more useful for Fierce to NOT resist it so they can actually remove taunt). Edaphocevia is another hard one to figure out.

I’ll just say that while I agree with you that this could be done for most dinos, and I find the process of dividing up each hybrid class to be quite interesting (if a bit subjective), many people already find the classes to be too restrictive: no need to subdivide them any further, right?


It’s kinda bizarre how wild the Stun Resistances are. Stun Resistance should really be 100% or 0%, since unlike the other status debuffs all it really does is just skip a turn, and every Stun ability other than Acute Stun already has either 67% or 75% chance to Stun as it is.


You have forgotten that Ludia refuses to give Pterosaurs (with a few resilient exceptions) rampages :weary:


That’s true. Pterosaurs need more love

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*makes a sad Stygidaryx noise *


Seriously tho, have u seen anyone using a pterosaur in the Library or higher? In the Aviary, u barely even see Pterosaurs. Only Daryx, Vexus, and alankylo r worth investing in, but barely have a purpose

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