If enemy is in front of pit or hole(lava or otherwise) a push/pull should insta kill them

See the attached screenshot. The enemies are in front of an obvious pit/hole. I performed an area PUSH using my archer and all it did was lower their hit points😔.

There is not much worse in modern games than invisible walls! Like here. If you don’t want the player to push enemies into the holes, make it visually clear (add a visible wall for example) or better yet just don’t have holes. If you have holes there is an expectation that a gamer can push or pull an enemy into the hole.

If you could push or pull enemies into pits/holes It would also be a cool moment in the game, as holes don’t happen very often.

Hope you consider enabling this.



Holes or pits or rocks or any number of visual additions make the game more interesting but there is only so much a designer can do with limited resources (time, space, conflicting priorities, etc.) to simulate an entire universe. So you tried to push them into a pit and now you know that it won’t kill them but it will cause additional damage and it will not result in them being an extra row further away. Congratualations you are playing a game and learning along the way and it only required you to be disappointed once and now you can use that information 1,000 times. If this were DnD you could describe what you want to do, perhaps convince the DM to allow you to do a Strength check against the monsters Strength or Dexterity. Just because Gust may be able to push a monster 5 feet doesn’t make it an auto kill option in your arsenal any time the description includes a cliff or pit.


Imagine if the enemy used this again YOU.

What if the enemy is soooo big that they can’t fall through it?

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It is absolutely fine if the enemy uses this against me. It would make the game world consistent.

All the things you describe in terms of “it won’t kill them but it will cause additional damage and it will not result in them being an extra row further away.” Is already part of the game. Having a visual addition that essentially adds nothing to the gameplay, is visual candy with no substance. This is stuff game developers used to do in the 80s and 90s. We are in 00s now, gameplay and game design has evolved, so gamers have new expectations. As I mentioned in the OP, invisible walls aren’t necessary. If it does EXACTLY as not having a pit, then just don’t have the pit. I’m fine with not having the pit. At least then it is consistent with the terrain being played on.

As mentioned, the OP is just a suggestion in order to make it a more immersive game. I get it that some people, like yourself, don’t necessarily want more immersion or are happy with the level of immersion already on offer. Others may want more immersion. At the end of the day the game devs will need to decide if my suggestion is viable, both from an economic perspective and also if it will enhance the player’s experience. I’m not forcing them to do anything.

Btw, I’m well versed with the trade-offs game devs have to make in order to ship a game. I worked on a couple of PC games back in 2000. Simply offering suggestions. Hence where it is posted.

So, you pull or push them but they have the strength and terrain awareness to keep themselves from falling in. However the extra effort does cause damage to the enemy

Gotcha. I think the developers have done a good job of making a game that is interesting both visually and with gameplay but I haven’t played many games on my phone so if this one lags behind the others could just be because I’m more easily entertained.

Seems though if immersion is important there are other changes that would draw your attention first such as a Rogue who can move multiple rows through objects and opponents or the ability of a character to counter attack every single time during a round. I guess different people are bothered by different things so Ludia has their work cut out for themselves if they want everyone to be happy.


I agree… of all of the “off” things that are in this game, whether or not someone can fall in a hole is way down the list. Even in the picture above the enemies legs are spread wider than the hole and the shoulders are nearly as wide as it. He obviously couldn’t stand there but it would be easy to keep from falling in. And then hole behind the other too could be no deeper than a pothole and no worse than a trip hazard