If i cant log into facebook account can i log in with google play and still have all the same dinos, progress, etc?

I havent logged in with google play i dont think but my facebook account got locked. If i log in with google play is it all the same?

Someone please help

No it will give you a new support key. You have to have your support key from your original account and give it to support and then they can merge your google/Game Center account while keeping it linked to Facebook.

If you have an iPhone you can go to settings and then tap the app icon. It will show you the support key at the bottom. I’m sure it’s the same with Android.

So you need to do this:

1 - get your support key from your original account.
2 - log in with your google play or whatever and then it will be a brand new account. Get that support key.
3 - write support and ask them to merge your 2 accounts together and make sure you tell them which support key is the one to save.

Or you can just write support and ask for their advice.

Oddly enough i was hesitant to try it which is why i asked. I logged in with google play and allowed access and everything is still there with current support key. I dont know if this will cause issues in the future or its going off of cache and wont properly save moving forward but i guess we will see

Maybe you were able to link them together.

If you aren’t logged in with FB and log in with google it will not be the same.

I guess as long as your account is logged in with your phone you’re good.

I appreciate the response. Im not exactly sure if maybe i did log in with google play at one point but it shows logged in with google play and i still have everything so i wrote to support to ask if this will continue to stay linked as it appears to be or if it will eventually lose progress. Again thank you for your help its much appreciated.

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