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If I could do it all over again


If I could start all over again certain dinos I’d level over others
Thor is almost 30 but I would’ve put half the sino towards rinex for sure.
Not doing all of Indo, Tryko and erlidom. Uses too much rex. Would probably leave erlidom out


I’m as well undecided whether to pour all my sino dna into thor, is rinex a better choice at higher lvls? My thor is 23,rinex 21


Rinex is not really much better than Thor at this point. Thor seems to have a place in a lot of team designs, Rinex ( mine is 30) seems to be more of the lead Dino that people let die if need be. It is very versatile and I like Rinex but it has a lot of mediocre matchups now. Get your Thor to 30 and worry about Rinex later if at all. Some of the top teams that have a lot of resources have leveled Utasino up and replaced Rinex with Utasino. I would not be surprised if Rinex got a 127-speed bump next patch just to fix the Legendary beating the Unique aberration.


I’d been regret for wasting so much mono dna on monostego before mimmus rode to top. I’d been regret for wasting so much on mimmus when it fell victim to gross miscalculation. Until one day I realize, it’s not my fault.


Great thread, will add mine when I get a chance.


Oh yeah the monominus. I think mine is ready for 28. @CleverBoy knows something about that


Thank you for mentioning leaving Erlidom out as I decided against creating and attempting to level it. Going the tryko route imo was the better choice. My 30 Meg is something I debate whether I would do again especially when a high level spino is destroying my team lol! If we only knew then what we know now :slightly_smiling_face:

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yup 710/2500 to 30 when the unwarranted nerf hit it.
like 65k galli and 2.7k mono sitting there waiting for darwin now i guess :sob:

way to remove an arena relevant dino at the expense on one that will never be on anyone’s team. we really needed aviary more stale and boring :+1: