If I could make one change…

I would change the cooldown timers based on how much damage your dino took.

For instance, let’s say that a Level 40 Indoraptor has a cooldown timer of 3 days (I’m not sure if this is correct, but let’s use this as an example).

If your Indoraptor dies in battle, it would take the full 4 days to get him back.

But if your Indoraptor only loses 50% of his health, he would be available in half the time (2 days).

Or if your Indoraptor didn’t get hit at all, he would be immediately available for reuse.

Basically, you are rewarded for conserving your dinosaurs.

As a variation on this idea, Ludia could also implement that if your dinosaur receives damage in battle but doesn’t die, then he would immediately be available for reuse, just with the reduced HP.


Yes but you see, with FMF being a viable strat the main will always have a low CD. Ludia wouldn’t allow it. But I do like the idea.

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I like the idea.

This is used in gyro battles. I wouldn’t like to see this in the main part of the game. What if you live on 1hp

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This is a feature of the game since it was released, meaning it is buried very deep in some modul of the game and wasn’t touched most probably for many years.

Do we really want that Ludia touches this piece of code? It is possible that there is even no one left who knows how it was implemented. We all witnessed the consequences (does anyone remember the frozen bug issue?) of minor adjustments that they do in recent updates. I do not want to imagine what will happen when they dive into the very heart of the game’s code.


I’d change the hatch times and rationalise them. It doesn’t make sense that the majority of the creatures in the game have 7 day hatching even though some of them are far more useful than others. I’d leave the high end tourney hybrids at 7 days and reduce the legendary hybrids to 5. Tournament creatures should be reduced to 4 and legendary ones down to 3.