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If I Delete & Reinstall

Do I lose anything?

I’m getting sick of waiting for ‘Help & Support’ to reply to me so I’m asking here. I don’t have a Facebook account but my game is linked through the Apple Game Center. Does that mean if I delete the game from my phone and then reinstall it, I won’t lose any progress/gold etc.?

I want to delete/reinstall because I’m getting very annoyed that I can’t donate to guild members because the button is greyed out.

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On Android devices the App can be installed and removed without consequence. I have the app active on multiple Android/Samsung devices connected to the same Android Play account.

I don’t use Apple devices, but I assume the same is true for Apple devices with Game Centre accounts.

For peace of mind I always record my 8-digit support key prior to deleting/reinstalling the app.

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I spoke to Apple support a few days ago and asked about this. They said it was be all good.

However agree with orloch get your support key and maybe photo your characters and gear first as extra backup :wink:


Thanks. Just did the delete and reinstall and everything was restored. I still can’t donate any items though so it didn’t fix that. As a last resort, I’m trying another gear request and maybe that’ll ‘unstick’ things.