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If I didn't face thor tryko magna erlidom or indos 1 and 2 -

I wouldn’t fight anything at all.

Awesome variety out there. Really makes for a challenging game.



Mine is… Yeah, pretty much the same.

Thor is especially boring/annoying with the 40% crit and instant charge with stun potential.

Thor needs to go away already.

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It was way worse in the past. Today I see a lot of Orion, Dio, Procerat, Draco (still), Rinex, Maxima, Monostego and the occasional Spyx

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I’m glad people didn’t shelf Monostego and still continue to use her. Hell, she’s still on my team and I use her as a finisher or when I know I need some heavy armor for a big hit that’s about to come.

Maybe one day I’ll bring the Kapro to where you are.

Ah come on, Thor is merely mid apex now according to the GamePress tier list :rofl:

We should be using good dinos like Tuora, Grypo, and Phoru so things may be changing soon.

Having said that, given this months tourney rewards one could argue that who cares about winning for Stigi dna?

Mexichicken needs to be plucked, slathered in BBQ sauce and thrown on the grill. Here I thought the Rat was annoying. Nope the torch has been passed to Mexi