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If I Made 1.7:

Here’s a list of suggestions I’ve compiled based on what I’ve read on the forums and my own ideas. Enjoy and please leave feedback!

New Features on the Map:
Players can now add a “HQ” location to the map. This marker can be purchased with coins and will feature a regular supply drop where players can stock up on darts as they sit at home using scent capsules. The HQ will also give the player increased spawns within 150m, as well reduced incubator wait times.
Characters from the films can now be discovered on the map just like creatures. They provide a small passive buff to various aspects of the game. These buffs will last for a certain amount of time, and each character has a cooldown time before they can be interacted with again.

  1. Alan Grant: increases spawns
  2. Henry Wu: betters fusion chances
  3. Owen Grady: reveals all “hidden” creatures within 150m
  4. Claire Dearing: increased supply drop payout

New Inventory Items:
New darts are available to purchase from the store or find on the map. There will be two types: Extraction and Tranquilizer. Extraction will bring the user an additional bonus sum of DNA, while Tranquilizer slows down the Creature’s movement, making the target easier to hit. These can be manually loaded in pre-set configurations.

Cosmetics are now available to purchase from the store or unlock by completing challenges. They can be added to specific dinosaurs to change their appearance during battle. These are similar to the cosmetics found in JW: Evolution.

New Abilities:

  1. Immunity Shield
  2. Swap-In Immunity
  3. Sneak: Reveal 1 of opponents dinosaurs (not including KOed ones), deal 1x damage.
  4. Defensive Rampage: deal 2x damage, shield 50% for 2 turns
  5. Vulnerability Impact: deal 1.5 damage, target vulnerable for next 2 turns
  6. Intimidation: force opponent to swap to next dinosaur
  7. Healing Impact: deal 1.5x damage, regenerate 20% HP

New Creature Tier: Prime
This tier behaves differently than any other level of rarity. The border of these dinosaurs’ icons will be white. Dinosaurs in this classification can start at level 11, 16, or 21, depending on the level of their components. They are hybrids made up of 4, yes 4 components, or 2 different hybrids. They stand out in the respect that they have FIVE different abilities, as well as a swap-in ability in some cases. For instance Suchotator level 20 can fuse with Carnodontosaurus, all credit to @GermanRaptor, to make a Prime hybrid that starts at the base level 21, like a Unique. It’s abilities could be Immunity, Lethal Wound, Instant Cripple, Shielding Strike, Critical Impact, and Rampage.

New Creatures and Hybrids
Alpha from JPIII as well as additional creatures and Prime hybrids

Alliance Improvements:
All-new chat system and use of Ludia Forum emojis!

Let me know if I should make part 2 with some of your ideas!


Great ideas!But as always i don’t know if anyone from the Dev team will ever care to even read them.
As for ideas : You Talk , We Listen [ For Dev team]

Well,that was a long post.
-HQ idea is awesome!Ludia should go for it!People which don’t live in city and don’t have a lot of spawn could get at least some luck
-Character is ok,maybe it need more details
-About darts:ok for extraction darts but tranquilizer is really necessary?
-I would like to see few cosmetic,it would be funny to see “skins”

About abilites:
-Immunity shield is a must have,it will be an interesting idea,but the question is,there is a way to remove it?
-swap-in-immunity:The idea is ok,have to see if its interesting in practice.Because well you swap in your new dino,it mean you take at least a hit.
-Sneak:The idea is cool,ame as before,is it because you know there is DR that you can prevent it?not so sure
-Defensive rampage:why not,but maybe too strong
-vulnerability impact:2 turn vulnerability,i agree,actually one turn make all ankylosauridae useless (except the combo with DR)
I think the entire mechanism of vulnerability should change:i think it should last 2 turn and be CUMMULATIVE!
Let me explain:
1 hit:+33%dmg
2in a row:+66dmg
3 dmg 2
dmg ect.And after the last hit,it should last 2 turns.
Maybe the vulnerability users should have a use at least.
Intimidation:Can be funny ,but if you hit first,does it mean the opponent don’t act?
Healing impact:I love the idea,i think all majungasaurus,lythronax and this family should have it
Your ideas are globally good but there is problems which are not solved:,you should add
-The 50% heal is really strong,im not part of removing it,but i think there should have an attack which reduce heal received by X% for Xturn
-The SISDR of DR is among the most powerful skill since the game exist:I think ludia can keep it but should bring at least a skill which can prevent all the dmg or else do mirror dmg against this skill
-All the defense shattering skills are too powerful in the game actually:There should be a skill which trap those defense shattering users (i thought about a RED spiky shield),it don’t bring you any armor but if he got destroyed (by defense shattering or nullyfying strike)opponent take ALL mirror dmg


If I made 1.7 it’ll be like 1.6 only with some more Swap-In Shattering Rampage dinosaurs and a tad-bit more bugs and you know, the usual.


1.7 need a lot of improvement!

Alliance Improvement!

1-Leaders need to give power to few people and should creat higher members
2-We should know how much donation our team do and be aware of the inactivity!
3-The step 5 of battle mission is impossible to do !
2000 battle to do ,taking into consideration you can’t reach step 5 within 5 days because of the daily chest reward,you have to reduce it!
it do 40 battle to do in a day for EACH member if your team is full (50 member) and active

Game Balance
1-Create something to play at least Against SISDR which could be very effective
2-Create something to counter the mighty Shattering abilities in general,you have nothing good actually to stop a 2nd turn indoraptor,fully charged tryo or tryko on second turn except distraction but its not very useful
3-Lethal wound is too effective!
It kill your dino in 3 turn AND deal 1x damage! You have to remove the 1x damage so we can do something against!
4-Creat a gameplay to play against CRIT
5-Utahsinoraptor is better than Utahrinex?15% armor,faster,more dmg …its not normal,nerf his hp to 2500
6-Thor is a T-rex on steroid…faster,more crit chance,and with instant charge…
You have to creat something to play against which is EFFICIENT
7- Creat a gameplay which punish those Dodgers…the gameplay is boring
8-Dracocera heal should have 1 turn delay and heal shouldn’t remove the pinning anymore
9-Please,do something to bring back Raptors,tanks,sauropods,hadrosaurs,trike family,ankylosaurs family and the others forbidden…
10-Sarcorixis???where are you??

Bug fix
1-Time to reconnect to a battle is too long,it have to be faster!
2-Glitch which happen a lot,when you got a lag or a popup on your smartphone:You can’t see the abilities of your dinos anymore and sometime,you can’t see the dino opponents!
3-Remove from the map the challenge you have already done!It have NO use except waste time when you missclick on it!

Community Fix

You have to stop to think about ONLY high leveled player,new players have their words to say ludia!

1-A newcomer should’nt meet an Indoraptor level 30,so ok for the trophy drop to seek the ankylosaurus but i disagree about bullying the community
2-Rush event should be done by a “challenge button” which match you against someone of your strenght to prevent trophy dropper
3-Steps of the saisons are unlogical:
you have to put rewards every 1000 or 750 steps.
not 2500,4500,4750,5000
4-You should create a LIVE progression bar of those community event
5-The box to buy in the shop are too expensive for the rewards they offer,if you want people to buy them,either reduce the price or else make them more interesting.
No doubt my 4500 hard earned cash will go for 250000$
6-You should turn Farm ,forest and some more into park spawn,actually park spawn is irrelevant since most of us don’t have any park in our city.

These are my hopes for 1.7,
of course,im not only complaining,i know the game have done a big progress since the beginning but the balance is turning the game to the bottom and it would be sad to see this game forbidden because of simple mistakes.
And ludia have to be aware,if i didn’t like the game,i would’nt be posting on his forum


Lots of good ideas, too many to refer to. Therefore only this:

5-Utahsinoraptor is better than Utahrinex?15% armor,faster,more dmg …its not normal,nerf his hp to 2500
6-Thor is a T-rex on steroid…faster,more crit chance,and with instant charge…
You have to creat something to play against which is EFFICIENT

There is already a very good counter to it, you’ve named it.

Agree utahsino counter it but both are OP,idk if it come from the instant charge ability which deliver a stun AND damage in priority ( i think,they should change damage of instant charge by 0,5 or 0,75x instead of 1)

Utahsino is indeed op and able to defeat tanks, which should be its natural counters. Thor has counters, but if it crits twice, its very strong. The key to beat thor is to reduce its damage. But I know, that’s not always easy to do.

Henry Wu is the solution to unlocking UNiques

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