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If I will unlock both indoraptors

Just a shortly, i want to ask how big troubles i can get when i will unlock both indoraptors and stay on level 1 with? Yesterday i said i make challenge, 24. 7. I will show i have both indoraptors unlocked. And today my friend reminded that to me.:smiley:

Your team might have some trouble, Super is your strongest at 7,000 Ferocity. The Lv30 VIPs are only a little bit weaker than Super. Personally, I’d wait.

But, hey… if you like a challenge 24/7, go for it. Don’t let anyone stop you.


IIRC level 1 Indo is at 8700 ferocity.

It’ll definitely be a jump between your lineup.

However there are some dinos that you can put between your indo and lvl 30 VIPS.

See my lineup:

How is ferocity count?

Attack x 3.2 + health