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If Ignisdracon had a raid event?!

well !, I had already introduced you before to one of my creations of “False Hybrids” or unofficial that I have illustrated for a few days. We will talk about the first one with apex rarity, maybe they have seen it already or they already told me that in its regular form it is not very strong or does not have much to offer as a fighting creature in PVP, however, here it will continue and keep its statistics as such After all, they are at level 26 and not at the maximum as I think many people came to think, Ignisdracon! This Pterosaur Apex, is a creature with a lot of resistance, but … how would an Ignisdracon raid be ?:

Ignisdracon Stats and Moves

These stats are for each round. They do not change.

Health: 35,772 for each round. Meaning you will have to take out 107,316 Health over the course of 3 rounds!

Attack: 1590

Speed: 127

Armor: 20%

Critical Chance: 5%


80% Rend

80% DoT

100% Stun

50% Distraction

50% Vulnerability

50% Speed Decrease

these stats are not similar to the regular version of Ignisdracon. These stats do not change each round, they stay the same. Ignisdracon’s moves however do change. Here’s the full list!

Round 1:

Group Invincibility

Primal Rampage

Group Taunting Shields

Resilient Strike

Round 2:

Group Rampage

Group Taunting Shields Strike

Resilient Rampage

Primal Rampage

Round 3:

Group Invincibility

Resilient Rampage

Primal Rampage

Resilient Strike

Those are all the moves Ignisdracon can throw at you.


However we are not finished yet, as Ignisdracon has two very scary minions! They are Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 and Allosaurus, both equipped to deal big Defense Shattering Attacks! Here are their Stats and Moves:

Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 Stats:

Health: 7270

Attack: 2734

Speed: 114

Armor: 0

Critical Chance: 20%

Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 Moves:

Armor Piercing Rampage

Defense Shatering Impact

Fierce Strike

Allosaurus Stats:

Health: 8423

Attack: 2658

Speed: 104

Armor: 0

Critical Chance: 20%

Allosaurus Moves:

Fierce Strike

Fierce Impact

Fierce Rampage

what do you think? Do you think it is a challenge or is it too easy? maybe exaggerate a bit?

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I would have Allo gen 2 with Rending Takedown, but I like it. It forces a team to not just attack openly, as the Group Invincibility is turn 1. And with 3 turns, you could bump it up to around 30-35 thousand health per round, due to the apex raids being on average around 100 thousand health. I didn’t realize that it was Trex Gen 2 and not Allo Gen 2. Oops. Still would be funny to see it on Allosaurus though.

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Thanks! i’ll do that

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Also maybe change the DOT resistance to 90, as that would break it. Its not bad to have it at 100, but it would make more sense to do it with around 80 or 90, as having it Immune to blead with 77 thousand health and possibly 100 thousand health, its a bit much. No one uses bleeds except for memes, but it still should be a bit lower.

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Good!! I’ll change it

These are just suggestions. You don’t have to change it. If you like it with your original idea better keep it that way. You don’t need to change something because someone told you to.

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I know, but those are data that I was thinking of changing anyway, since they do not convince me 100%. do not worry, all changes have been at my will, your suggestions help!

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Alright. Just saying. A lot of my hybrids are usually improved on by others, just sometimes the original idea is nicer than the suggested one. I made a bleeding hybrid and so many thoughts from other were added, but no one argued against it, just improved it slightly.

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I understand, only that I would like the creature to sound as reasonable as possible, of course, in terms of its statistics, I want an apex that is a challenge without becoming a miscellaneous monster that is super gifted or equipped, regular Ignisdracon is well balanced, since It is a pterosaur, I think it does not have much range in attack level, but in Health, it is a resilient creature, what if I could do for it in this raid is to make it difficult to face, but this creature is supportive , is not made to be a protagonist in raid battle. Using two ferocious creatures we reinforce the lack of damage a bit, while protecting them with shields. that while slowing down enemies. :slight_smile:

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not tyrannoGen2
Fierce MInion