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If I'm spending $10


Because that is the cost of an epic scent, $10… If I’m spending $10 and I drop the scent in a certain zone, I expect at least 1 of what I’m looking for. Certainly not 2 dinos that do not even spawn in that zone… 2 epic scents today in 2 different L3 zones, 1st zone Spino gen 2… 2nd zone Mono and 2 Brachy! What?! C’mon you know pretty much what dinos people are looking for when they use the scents, you alre6mske them cost so much, at least let us get some of what we’re looking for. Take common epics such as Spino and Brachy out of the rotation to pop… Tired of wasting money to try these scents… Especially when I’ve had 3 malfunction…


Why would they Lidia just wants your $$$


Bary is an anytime global spawn so you have the chance to not only get epics from the zone you are in, but also from the pool of global epics (bary, brachi and Rex (depending on the time of day)). Sino is also global this week so you have a chance to get it outside of zone 1.

I did an epic scent in 1 today hoping for some Sino. I got 1 Kentro. And that was all. But I have also had epic scents where I got up to 6 or 7 epics and they were all what I wanted. That’s just the way they work and you have to go in not expecting much so you are happy when you do get something. :woman_shrugging:


The game is built using gambling mechanics. Like @Piere87 said, that is how it works. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Scents We all have problems with them.We go to the local zone and we get global spawns.It would be better to have : Global Epic-Global Rare-Global Common
Local Epic- Local Rare - Local Common
Park Epic -Park Rare-Park Common (it can benefit the people without parks)

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I thinks 10 dollar is also expensive. And 1 epic is not worth that money at all. And Dont want be to negative but that sino event is Very disapointing So far.


I agree. I have seen 1 wild Sino and that was yesterday. And $10 for a wildly random epic is crazy. It should pull only from that zone and if you want common epics then go to a park…


Epic scent description mentions it guarantees at least one epic out of it. For 1000 cash I think that is just too expensive. And I’ve been let down so many times too, thrice when I spent 1000 cash in the past I ended up getting one or two epics only, and those were the useless epics of that local (twice I got secodonto from local 2 while hunting for Ourano/Pyro and another time I got Concave in local 1 while hunting Sino). I’ve surprisingly had better results from epic scents which I won from the scent strikes (which I’ve won a grand total of three times since they introduced scent strikes). I really wish epic scents were more reasonably priced, but oh well, they just want to mint money out of it I guess.

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Hunting kentro and sino in L1, having it turn to dusk and these immediately spawn. Epic scents illustrated perfectly in one picture.


I decided to buy and use 3 tonight… Managed 4 sinos, 1 concave and a Bary. Still alot of money for what you get.

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I remember my first epic scent… 2 sinos 2 kentro 1 rex. That was worth 10 dollars… the gambling mechanics makes it so your not always getting your moneys worth.


It’s up and down, two days ago I had 1 crappy scent and 1 that yielded 6 epics, not all great, but 6 epics.