If indominus is immune

How come Edmontoguanodon’s superiority strike takes its speed away?

Start of battle
I choose indominus
Opponents creature is slower.
Opponent swaps to edmontoguanodon
Swap in stun doesn’t stun because of immunity
Indominus cloakes
Edmontoguanodon does superiority strike
And speed moves from Indominus to edmontoguanodon. First strike after is for opponent (so not just a graphical glitch)
Doesn’t immunity mean speed advantage shouldn’t happen?

Don’t know if either of you have speed boosts applied but both the Indominus and Edmontoguanodon have a speed of 107 making them equal in speed. So level would determine who goes first next.

Also, Cloak is an instant move which would allow the Indominus to move first and the indicator would show up on Indominus (unless the opponent also used an instant move then the original move rules would apply again) but since your opponent used Superiority Strike, you went first with your instant move. Your opponent may have been a higher level or speed boosted but your instant cloak move bypassed the normal speed rules allowing your move to go first. Their attack would not have slowed you down, but it may have looked that way.

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Okay, actually sounds plausible but what I’m sure of is that when the edmontoguanodon swapped in I still had speed advantage. :thinking:

This is similar to a previous bug we had, with Dilo using Superiority Strike on Erlidominus and getting the edge despite they had similar speed at the beginning. It was fixed I think in 1.7? Seems the same bit of wonky code is what’s went in your way here.

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Do you remember if you saw the immunity effect appear (the blue pixels radiating out) for indom when edmont use superiority strike?

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They didn’t

Right, seems like a genuine bug case, but may need to try the same battle setup and sequence a few times, just to be sure.

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Thanks for reporting this to us, @Poezzzie. Could you email your support key to our team here at support+forums@ludia.com so they can take a closer look at this? Thanks!

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Sure @Ned only the key?
edit never mind, it’s done :wink:

You’ll need to tell them the problem as well otherwise they won’t know what you are reporting to them.

That’s what I thought :wink: