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If it's a double KO

Do both players lose?

Nope. The player whose turn it is wins, I believe. That is some funny stuff though. I know I have won some and lost some, reflex damage and the Mages retribution are the cause. I have always said both parties should get the win.


Both players do not lose in such cases. The first player with all dead heroes looses.

Additionally, cases arise where after all heroes on both sides are deceased, the loosing player has a hero resurrect. Unfortunately, in many cases the battle result has already been finalized and the resurrection is disregarded.

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Agree 100%, if when the fight ends, all participants are dispatched, it’s a win for both or a loss. Infact the graphics show us fall simultaneously.

That’s something to be corrected too.

I want to say the theory goes ‘last man standing’. So if you die because I killed you as an effect of my death, then I was the ‘last man standing’…unsure if this is the logic that drives it at this point or not. I have seen where warlock gets hit by mage, warlock kills mage with reflex damage and Mages dies damaging all party member killing some off. When this happened there was still 1 guy standing so that person won (me)…but I wonder if nobody standing after how it would have played out???

Unless I am mistaken @Pryloc, I believe your question:

is precisely what is being discussed in this thread.

Yes I realize :blush:. In the instance where mage shoots warlock and warlock dies, but kills mage with reflex damage iirc Mage wins battle. My musing was if mage shoots warlock, warlocks reflex damage kills mage and Mages retribution kills party and everybody is dead who wins. Since in first scenario Mage is last man standing, but in second he is not (though both are his turn). I think it goes to winner of who’s turn it is. Sorry I tend to ramble :laughing:

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Ah I see. I think I can explain. There may be some confusion based upon the assessment of how victory is decided in double KOs. I believe you are basing victory on which player/hero made the attack. Based on personal experience this is not valid. Instead, the battle is won by the player who is KO’d last. (or alternatively explained as the battle is Lost by the player who looses all of their heroes first)

For example. all heroes are dead with the exception of my wizard and my opponents warlock. On my Wizard’s turn. she damages the opponents Warlock, who survives and reflects damage back killing my wizard. Even if my Wizard, upon death kills the opponent’s Warlock with an Arcane Curse, I will lose the battle because all of my heroes were killed first. As such, the fact that it is my Wizard’s turn does not factor into the result.

Ok and while I agree. As in my statement ‘last man standing’. I want to say though that I have lost a battle that was a tie to the effect of the wizard retribution… it was a time ago and my old memory isn’t what it used to be.

Ok so to go back to what I was saying. I went and searched through the wow facebook community page. 35 weeks ago I had asked the same question. It was stated that Mages retribution gives them the win…hmmmm.

This just happened to me, shev’s rebuke. I won the match. A few weeks ago, same thing. I lost the match.

The plot thickens… Maybe another issue some clarity would be good on.

From what I know whose turn it is when the match is over win so let say you attack and it start a chain reaction you win they loose