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If JWA was like Pokemon

It sound weird, I know, but can we just take a moment and think, what if?

What if erlidom could one shot things every other turn with giga impact?

What if Thor has fake out, or tryko with king’s shield?

That just sounds cool in my brain. What do y’all think?


I have never played pokemon go and only watched first 15 episodes of original series a few months ago.

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I thought this was going to address some issues in the mobile game and how they interact with the map.

I’m not going to fantasize about Tyrannosaurus Rex with Hyper Beam.


But thanks to your comment, I am now thinking of that

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Maybe Ludia could take note on how Niantic kept their playerbase, instead of driving them away with boosts, guttings of dinos, bugs, etc.


Hopefully, Ludia won’t copy Niantic.

Niantic took out all grinding aspects of game to keep casuals.
There is nothing to do in PoGo except finding shinies. PvP is barely playable due to all bugs.

Of course Ludia shouldnt copy all of Niantic’s strategies, just some that made players actually want to play their game. Look at SuperCell. The PvP aspects are almost the same as the ones in JWA with a few distinguishing factors. Looking at SuperCell, Ludia should atleast do something that would actually benefit the playerbase and not just their pockets.

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There’s plenty to do, they added PvP, so people grind for competitive pokemon to use. There’s also raids that need good pokemon to beat it in the most efficient time.

Niantic had to do a lot of things since they forced socialization upon other people as one of their corporate goals. The CEO was quoted saying he doesn’t want PoGO to be a game as it is intended to be a lifestyle.

They have Pokemon that you can only have if you multi-player raid and you won’t get any other way. Certain Pokemon are locked behind completely random encounters gained from winning high ranked PvP battles (there are some people that like the PvP but there’s also enough that hate it).

They also have entire events based around "You either get excercise or you pay money (The Egg Hatch events).

I still piddle with PoGO.

Honestly as much as this games pvp is broken, PoGo is worse. I play both but honestly i like this game better

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Raids are jokes now. Used to do solo raids a lot before when there was no weather bonuses.

JWA PvP has bugs, but PoGo PvP is one big bug. Many times PvP in PoGo is unplayable on WiFi with matches freezing, pokemons doing phantom damage, extra shields, etc.

I can stand blind tapping on screen for 3 - 5 minutes during, but maniac tapping in PvP worse. Still play league just to rank 7. Have enough pokemon and dust to lvl some if needed.

Was losing interest in PoGo for a while. Though past two months reduced playing time radically. Have no intention doing 50+ raids to get a shiny if I’m lucky enough. Worst are incense events. Wife got 0 shinies during 12 hours of incense days, while I got 3 in 10 hours.

I rather run 3 hour scents in JWA than one hour incense for nothing except some dust.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I just feel differently I guess.

Strong jaw CRUNCH!

I barely play PoGO myself. I never miss streaks but that’s about it.

I pretty much just use dust for new Trophy Pokemon. I guess that’s what makes me happy rather than following the latest trend crowd. Some task gave me a perfect Tangela. Boom, my dust plummets because I have to have a maxed out Tangrowth. It’s not really there for any purpose other than my happiness.

How about Dracoceratops with Swap-in Dragon Ascent then? :laughing:
Then there’s Spinoconstrictor with Counter, Phorusaura with Brave bird, Erlidominus with Flame Charge and Apatosaurus with Explosion.


WHAT!!! An Exploding Apato?? I have to see that…

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I’m at a doctors appointment but I’ll draw it when I get home

And no, I wasn’t talking about jwa being like pogo.
Pogo is trash these days, even more then jwa. I thinking, cause my cousin was watching the anime, like erlidom would run really fast and slash from behind

Erlidom:Indom with phantom force would be awesome

Tryo with Dragon Dance and Sword Dance

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At least JWA has a little bit of strategy.

Imagine JWA battles as PoGo…

Boosted Thor Attack + Speed

Push push push push push push attack. No pokimon left in the world.