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If library isn't the definition of everything wrong with the arena then i honestly don't know what is

Library, the absolute cesspool of an arena where you fight ONLY level 30 heavily boosted thors and yoshis, share down below your awful library arena experiences!


I haven’t gotten to library yet. From what i’ve heard its terrible.

Too many of us crammed in here

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Laughs in aviary insanity


Oh trust me, aviary is child’s play compared to library :joy:


I’ve decided to take a break. End game creatures (boosted level 30) don’t belong in low library when there are two arenas above it.
The game is broken.


My Kapro can attest to the monsters found there.


I’ve always liked that kapro lol


You have inspired me to get my kapro leveled up!

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I’ve been stuck in lockwood estate for sooo loooong. I’m not even sure i want to move to the next arena😂

I dont play on arena since boosts where introduced it 100% ruin the experiênce and fun of the game
Now i start jwa i do the some strike towers, upgrade some dinos, and then quit the game


I am currently mucking around in Library with my 2nd team. Endgame dinos aka maxxed boosted lvl 30s are no match for good strategy and RNG. I lost 1 or 2 matches in Library because the opponent had the correct strategy and creatures to beat my team.

The reason we have a few maxxed boosts uniques in Library is the player has no idea what they are doing or choose to drop down for easy wins (in my case fast losses). Met a few boosted creatures and beat them.with my team of 30s unboosted through skill and pure luck.

Library is crowded for sure. Havent gotten an AI battle in 4 days.

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Library will always be trash because all the players that unwisely boosted dinos for quick cheap wins are stuck there. For example speedy Thor, 149 speed Thor is trash it can get quick wins when against less boosted and leveled dinos but is nonexistent in shores as it’s not a good investment. The only time I see any speed boosted thors above 130 is at reset otherwise they get left in library where they’ll stay. Poor boost investment and pay to win keeps people who spend a lot but boost poorly in arenas like library.


Aviary says hello. Lol
I feel the same way with Aviary. I have been stuck in the arena for almost a year. I have witnessed some stupidity with opponents in general.

Been in Library for months with the occasional drop into Aviary. Whenever I think I am actually doing something, I’ll promptly lose 8 straight and drop onto the 5000s.

I’ve been in the same trophy count in library since September of last year dispite making rapid improvements to my team so idk what the deal is

Library wasnt too bad till a month or so ago, then there was a wave of superboosted level 30 teams that just didnt seem to move up. Im assuming it was either droppers or the constant boost sales finally reached where I was. Either way battling became a chore so I stopped arena. I realised all I was doing was battling to open incubators to barely improve my team. Running flat out to stay where I was. Pointless.

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My plan is this: I’m just dropping down to high aviary on purpose and I’m staying there until either library changes for the better, or until i get a strong enough team to where i can zoom straight past library and get straight to gyro

Library to me seems kinda similar to Gyro Depot in terms of team power. To be able to exit Library and hit Depot you need pretty.much lvl 28s and 20 boosts each creature. I can stay just above Library in Depot with a team.of lvl 30s with a mixture of maxxed boosts and mild boosts.

The issue is like what was mentioned above players with no skill and players with a lot skill but weaker dinos.

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I really want all the droppers to go back to where they belong. I’m sick and tired of facing these:

And Procerats and Erli with 160+ speed and 2200+ attack.

I’m barely holding interest in the damn game as it is. I don’t need these level 30 monstrosities making me lose even more interest. Absolutely disgusting.

Just makes me hate boosts even more. Already warned my alliance I won’t be battling for at least another week because of this crap.

I don’t care if you have 2 min+ wait. Use 25-28 creatures. Not fully boosted 30s.