If Ludia ever thinks of adding customizations to appearances

This is what I’d turn my Kapro into.

Even better if it could get blue coloring.
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I’d love to see new skins for creatures, but they need to keep them along the lines of JWE. Maybe they can give us more achievements, and as we unlock them we get new skins. They could even add exclusive skins for top 500 in a tourney or IAP skins. Lots of possibilities.

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As long as we get some cool designs, I’d like them. Though color tinting could probably be possible too.

I don’t even use Indorex, but this skin would be enough for me to use her for strike events.


So dark and shiny!

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They should make skins that make the creatures look tougher as you level them up and with more pronounced color. So they start out rather earthy but as you level them, colors start coming out and get more and more pronounced.

New but natural looking skin colours would be something I’d be willing to spend money on in the store.

Yeah I agree color schemes, add ons (like different armor or spikes), and etc things to make our dino look a little different.

IMO they should have added cosmetics long ago and use only that for their main source of income. Because it doesn’t affect gameplay but if people are willing to pay for it, that means they really like the cosmetics and they actually get what they want for sure instead of the roulette or boosts that depends on luck or arena match ups.

Yes, the roulette on incubators and scents scare so many away. Boosts are quick money. But if there were some better specific scents, better guaranteed incubators, and Dino cosmetics. They could of still made $$ Boosts are the only sure thing to buy lol. You know what you’re getting with boost roids.

A purple Stgydaryx with yellow stripes :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Although boost is not depending on RNG, the value of it is not certain due to match-making system and other people buying boosts (hence the value of two people’s boosts countered each other). Besides, it creates outrage of pay to win etc. Cosmetics won’t create any of the above problems.

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Scrap boosts - add skins


Blue and orange Thor Green Tenontorex xD

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Yeah because of mm the value is bleh. They just ensure you battles against ridiculously strong dinos lol. So I imagine the rate of sale has dropped some compared to a month ago. I know I don’t get them anymore. Because I don’t feel like facing lvl 30 boosted monster dinos with my lvl 24’s lol.

But you still get what you pay for! Let’s use an incubator as an example:

70$ for our premium incubator. You “might get dilo” then again you might get trash. Buy it now!

Lol. Scents are bad too because you’re likely to not get the dino you want. So its like meh. If they could be just alittle more specific…

I’m not a gambler Ludia I’m just a player who has a job and money and a family lol. No way I’m going to gamble on getting trash.

Skins and customization could be good since we know what we will get and it won’t effect our matchmaking, agreed.

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Green tenonto would look amazing. Also fitting since it ends up being a herbivore anyway.

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As long as they don’t “lootbox” the skins. Because then you might get the same skin over and over again or something. Pigmentation would be something they’d sell more often in addition, since some people might want to change colors from time to time.

This would make Ludia earn $$ indeed. They’d lootbox it like the incubators, but still, gaining DNA for leveling a skin would be interesting too. Some people would be angry that they’d get DNA for skins they never use though.

If we could choose customizations all my dinos would be black with gold accents, I would be broke, and my wife would be angry with me… Lets do it! :slight_smile:

:rofl: :rofl: