If Ludia ever thinks of adding customizations to appearances

new skins for our dinos … hell yeah !
i would like to see the following dino skins perhaps?
an indom rex with possibly glowing red / blue stripes patterns
an allosinosaurus with green fluorescent patches
the green chicken with metallic yellow / gold skin
smilodon with dark stripes like a normal tiger possibly black patches with gold edges
utasinosaptor with a shiny green / gold feather pattern
sarcorixis with a gold / red stripe pattern & extra horns / spikes on it
a fluorescent red / green koolasuchus with glowing eyes
a pachycephalosaurus with spikes vivid yellow or green in color
a t rex with spikes on its tail and a deep fluorescent red in color ( like the gen 2 baryonix )
a dilophosaurus either gen 1 or gen 2 doesnt matter which but have it with a glowing frill that when puffed out glows like a firefly!
thats just a few of the goodies i would definitely buy from our in game shop if they started introducing new skins etc for us :grinning: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :grinning:

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Utarinex is one I’d like to color blue, because I’ll miss Utasino’s color once I’ll move to it. If you think about it, the red color in Utarinex just doesn’t make sense. Utasino is blue, dracorex is green. How in the world does it turn red?!

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Don’t give them ideas

Kapro colour for me would be

Not sure but I would definitely like a teal Rinex, somewhat blue somewhat green.

Well, not like skins will give you any extra attack or such.