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If Ludia must nerf some dinos in 1.7


There needs to be a reimbursement plan available. It seems like every major update has some reworking of the kits of specific dinosaurs so I’m not spending any coins until I see the update notes and that puts a damper on the game.

For one - Ludia is the one that messed up. You shouldn’t have to rework the kit of a dino and the only reason it happens is because of poor planning and not enough testing in advance.

Secondly - we spend a ton of coins leveling up specific dinos because their kits work for our team. When the nerf happens - that dino needs to be replaced - and for the most part - all those coins were wasted.

As a resolution - so the community doesn’t suffer for Ludia’s mistake - there should be an option to deconstruct dinos (at least the ones that get nerfed) for a full coin reimbursement. Most likely - what it gets nerfed to, isn’t a dino that we would have on the team. Then we could use the coins for a dino to replace it.

Guess I’ll just be saving up coins in the meantime until the update is announced.

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just 2: “Remy” in attack as well as apatosaurus


Will you pay back all the tournament, strike tower and battle incubators you gained with that dino as well…?

No? Then you already reaped the benefits of said dino being leveled. This is a horrible idea as you could always just get coin back from the outdated dino and pump it into the next OP toy


Have you heard of The Dino with the highest health in the game


I shouldn’t have to deal with my own decisions! Ugh!


Neeeeeeeerf it!!!

On a serious note, you must not play any other game.
This is a common practice for nearly every game out there. Fortnite, Apex Legends, Cod, league of legends, Smite, etc… There are constant changes that are made each patch to damage, looks, etc…

So, play it smart and save your coins for the next meta dinos and stop complaining. :slight_smile:


While a system like this does work in ccgs… Im not convinced it can work here.

Their is a risk vs reward system at play here…do you take immediate rewards at a risk or do you play the long game and hold off to see if a nerf or hybrids happen… sometimes its both. Either way by now you should be aware nerf and hybrids both happen and decide accordingly.


It’s dealing with ludia’s decisions that is the problem lol


I don’t actually play other games really. Def not any of the ones you mentioned at least.


All of this I agree with.


they do reimburse cheaters though.


cough Dracocera cough cough


Hey there’s a coin sale right now. Cash in and save it for the update

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Apatosaurus, draco, tryk, and triceratops.


Exactly nothing needs to be nerfed. Some buffs would be very nice though especially a unique tank…

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