If Music is playing on my phone, entering JW:TG causes music to pause


I have JW:TG set to all sounds off, and if I load the game whatever music is playing on my phone gets paused and I can’t unpause it until I quit out of the game. I’m assuming this is a ‘feature’, but I’d love the ability to disable it so I can enjoy my tunes while feeding my dinosaurs etc.


I feel the same. I work alot so music on my Bluetooth speaker is life. Its just annoying when I just want to check on my park for a quick minute and it stops the tunes.


@Dael_Sutton & @Rae, JWTG takes over the media feature on most mobile devices regardless of internal sound settings. Anything external is paused or stopped. Unless you have access to someone with extensive ability to work at that level on your device, the easiest thing would probably be to add a separate device to play the desired audio regardless of what is happening on the one used for JWTG. Another approach would be to petition Ludia to change how this works so that your desired results is achieved.

Suggest you have many that agree with you and are ready to let Ludia know that it matters. There is generally a significant amount of work planned well in advance. Getting this added soon will require adjustments to those plans even if it’s possible to accomplish on current or next generation mobile devices.