If my poor Majunda must sacrifice something to exchange thae SIA


While they said Majunda will get Swap In Ferocity, I just feels like…
Whoa, that’s too much extremely awesomeeee!!!
I might be the only one keep this kid in my team on the leaderboard before update.:joy:

But now…
Excuse me. what the…nerfed 166 atk for exchange that SIA??
That’s just too much.:rage:
And if you accidently bump into an opponent with nullifying, that SIA will just been ruined.:rofl:

It must be 993 before ver.1.4, now only 827 left there.
Ludia save my Majunda plz.:rage:


Yeah they totally ruined him he is now the counter atacker with lower atack stats
Even carno does better now
Concavenator also lose a few atk points
Same with megalossaurus
Not cool


But if you swap in and use ferocious strike this dino could hit as hard as allosaurus but you know lol


This dino basically double its atk given its new moveset. Double FS man.


Double…for a dinosaur now even not able to reach 800 atk at lv26?
(I think it will be around 750)
It might even be the lowest base atk in this game.:rofl:
And it was 900 atk before ver.1.4, just 2/3 or lower for some dinos bro.

And Majunda got really low health, if we don’t use shield in first turn after swap in , will directly dead in second turn.
That’s why use ferocious in first turn to gain 2x damage for one turn is not first choice.


That why i said this lol


Not many rare hybrids are actually very good. Einiasuchus is decent at best.


Majundasuchus should have a short shield (2 turns) sia. Not ferocious strike