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If not today when?


When do you think the update will arrive since it didn’t come today?


Sooooo hyped!


No one knows could be before end of week or start of next


I know people were calling for in advance notes on the update but I did figure once they went up on Friday that the update would go live start of the week. That makes more sense that dragging it out.

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tommorow or monday


When we stop asking

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But on real terms, I think next monday


Can one of the mods please merge all these threads …
And then throw them collectively in the trash :wastebasket:


I wonder if they are getting as annoyed as everyone else?


I think update will arrive on sunday


Nah. Definitely not. If anything it will be on Monday. Promise you


Don’t make promises you can’t keep :joy:


Ok. Fine. I hope it comes out this week, but I am almost certain that it will come out for 1 week


…is this place full of children? It drops when it drops.


Probably yeah


This question is asked almost as much as “when do we get our tournament rewards?”. Almost.

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Everyday someone will tell it’s either today or tomorrow. Eventually one will “guess” right :roll_eyes:

So true. The only difference is we know when rewards are out but here we just see bunch of people calling this is the day and proven wrong (almost) all the time :joy:

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What. I got mine ages ago


the answer is revealed

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