If Pterosaurs were in the Sanctuaries

If Pterosaurs were put into the Sanctuaries.

Play: I’m uncertain of what you would use for the Pterosaurs playing animation

Dimorphodon: Insectivore (Insects)
Pteranodon: Piscivore (Fish)
Quetzalcoaltus: Carnivore (Probably Piscivore)
Alanqa: Carnivore (Probably Piscivore)
Amarbourgiana: Carnivore (Probably Piscivore)
Dawrwinopterus: Insectivore
Dsungariptpterus: Carnivore (Probably Piscivore)
Hatzegopteryx: Carnivore (Probably Piscivore)
Scaphognathus: Piscivore
Tupandactylus: Frugivore (Fruit, Vegetables, Roots, Shoots, Nuts and Seeds)

The question is, what do you think these Pterosaurs would fed with?

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Never thought tupandactylus would get the frugivore role

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Bird Seed and Fish.


Hatzegopteryx needs baby dinos to eat


Funny Ben_West, but I don’t think that is what it would with, but it get feed with a goat

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I don’t see what is funny about it. Maybe if you fed it baby dracoceratops


It would have to get fed with goats. You can’t feed dinosaurs to other dinosaurs

Only if I can launch the goats into the air for an in flight meal.

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Well, they are now

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Welp I knew it. I got flagged. But probably because I said a very slightly naughty word