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If PVP is going to stay this screwed up

At least give a surrender button so we can get on with our lives


Agreed !!!

I don’t have an hour to watch my team die slowly, before i get matched against a team i have a shot against

The developers have not recently made any additional attempts to ‘correct’ PvP. With this in mind, I anticipate further alterations are forthcoming early next year. However, these will certainly compound issues further.

I agree a surrender option is a necessity if they remain stridently unwilling to recalculate the bots.

Twice this season I have reached within 50 trophies of the next arena. On both occasions my next five or six matches were against strong bots with low trophy counts, immediately bring me back to where I started.

Agree - As soon as I see opponents team or after round 1 I know the outcome…Let us surrender to a team 5 levels above us or 500+ pvp score above us,

I have just stopped playing with bots at all. It might take 3 or 4 minutes but it’s better than bots. I just wait for a match for about 30-40 seconds and hit cancel if I don’t get one. Never takes more than three or four times. It sucks having to do that but oh well. I figure that if I get bad rolls or crits or whatever go against me at least they are going in favor of another human

I am all on board with a surrender button. That said, PvP is now settling into a spot where it is not completely miserable. I’d much rather development time be spent on good PvE content. I’m surprised some people avoid the bots. I can easily handle the lvl 18-19 bots and they are the source of most of my trophies. What I can’t handle is the people who sandbag their trophies. I always cringe when I see the opponent found message because it usually means I will be matched up with one of the five people who have siphoned off thousands of trophies off of me this season yet always seem to stay behind in trophy count.

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This is to all the WoW folks. It is painfully obvious that all the complaining about PvP has yielded only worsening results. It was actually better before they “fixed” it. I don’t think Ludia knows how to remedy this mess. This “bot” button I keep hearing about must not be available on phones because I have yet to see it.

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Can this game be played on something other than pads or phones? And the button is definitely there. If you try pvp and there isn’t a human available to play in, I think 50ish seconds it gives you the option to play against a bot team

Also I have argued with many people on here on opinions about the game and how the game works.

However I would never even insinuate that they shouldn’t air their complaints, no matter how much I disagree

I agree Koyote. It was much more favorable 6 months ago before they altered it. Human match-ups were rare but fair, and the bots were reasonable.

I’d go back to the version before league and even first version.we had with the league at least we had game instantly

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Bromm here, seriously how hard is it to program the bot army you need to face to be at Max 2 levels higher than the army they have chosen for you?

The final level being only 5 points when beating a bot team or 10 points for beating a lower level team makes it impossible/brutally painful to advance.

Kind of sick of the game at the moment.

Not to mention they were screwing our legendary card packs and not giving you all the cards. It’s fixed now but no word from them at all on any kind of reimbursement.


I have been led to believe the overpowered bots are working as intended. I am currently located in the Burntbone league. The players and bots are generally simple at this level. I have just climbed again to 2959 trophies, 41 away from the next league. From past experience I am certain to face bots which are 3 to 5 levels higher than my heroes over the next 4 or 5 matches. I understand these bots are designed to function as an obstacle, deterring players from ascending into higher leagues. This being the case, the overpowered bots work precisely as intended. Unfortunately, the stymied progression resulting from the bots has made PvP redundant for many players including myself.

Although Ludia is aware of this concern they do not intend to alter things. On the developer side everything is working as intended. The developers have chosen to ignore ongoing player discontent.

What’s done is done. Prior to leagues, I kept on commenting that PvP was fine in the multitude of threads that kept on popping up complaining about the issue. Really wish that those same people would spend there time complaint about the lack of interesting and meaningful PvE content (which is where this game actually shines). What I wouldn’t give to replay explore mode with the difficulty ramped up.


I’ll describe how the bots work in Underdark league which is where I am at. Should work the same in your league, but with different numbers. Default bot is a group of 4 all at lvl 18. A win or loss will result in a gain or loss of 10-15 trophies (random, bot trophy count doesn’t matter). If I beat 3 lvl 18 groups in a row, I will face a group of 19 bots. If I defeat the lvl 19 bots, I will face a group of lvl 20 bots. Any loss will reset the whole thing. So far it seems very consistent.

In Burntbone League, when I drop to 2700 trophies I get human opponents. I beat 2-4 human players and I get matched against level 16 bots. After I beat a few level 16 bots, which brings me close to the next league, I face level 18 bots until I drop to 2700. And then the cycle repeats.

[Edit: It just changed for the worse. Now I am facing level 20 bots in Burntbone League]

@Ned, @Jon,

Please see above. Why am I facing level 20 bots in the bottom league. Is this support’s idea of a joke.

This is insanely cruel. They are a bunch of Art-Poles.

You are facing those bot because you are on a winning streak…

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Unfortunately not correct. I lost 2 matches previous to a level 16 bot. A two battle win streak should not provide level 20 bots. I was previously advised level 18 was top bot in League 1. Perhaps League 1 function different than higher league. For first 2 month I face highest level 18 bots in league 1. Now level 20 on 2 win streak.