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If Sarcos Magnum Had a Raid Event?!

Sarcos Magnum will be a Lv. 30 creature, just like Mortem Rex and Hadros Lux.

Health: 25,822 each round. Meaning about 103,286 Health to take down total across Four rounds.

Attack: 1750

Speed: 111

Armor: 50%

Critical Chance: 10%


80% DoT

80% Rend

50% Distraction

50% Vulnerability

100% Stun

50% Speed Decrease

These stats remain the same across all rounds. However, Sarcos Magnum moves do change up every round. Here they are:

Round 1:

Primal Tail Swipe

Stunning Strike

Emergency Heal

25% Rending Counter

Round 2:

Primal Tail Swipe

Stunning Piercing Impact

Emergency Heal

25% Rending Counter

Round 3:

Cleansing Primal Tail Swipe

Stunning Piercing Impact

Emergency Heal

25% Rending Counter

Round 4:

Ferocious Primal Tail Swipe

Stunning Piercing Rampage

Emergency Heal

25% Rending Counter

As you can see Sarcos Magnum will focus on Stunning you. Bringing Shields won’t do any good either due to the Counter and Tail Swipes it has! If it follows the order that is listed here you’ll want to take Sarcos out on the second move of each Round, so that you will not have to deal with it Healing itself.


Sarcos Magnum, like the other raids, will also have minions. These minions are Charlie and Ankylosaurus Gen 2, who will provide Sarcos with Distraction and Shields. Here are their stats and moves:

Charlie Stats:

Health: 3038

Attack: 1953

Speed: 150

Armor: 0

Critical Chance: 5

Charlie Moves:

Group Strike


Ankylosaurus Gen 2 Stats:

Health: 6511

Attack: 1447

Speed: 121

Armor: 25

Critical Chance: 5

Ankylosaurus Gen 2 Moves:

Tuanting Shields

Group Taunting Shields

These minions will make it difficult for you to do big damage on Sarcos Magnum, especially Ankylosaurus Gen 2. Charlie can be taken out quickly due to the low Health, but you’d need a serious Fierce creature to take out Ankylosaurus Gen 2.

Take Your Reward!!


The classic ten

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I thought the minimum was 15.