If scorpius rex is added

If you’re going to add scorpius please give him his original sounds because the sound in jwa is just omega 09 sounds


wait it has omega 9 sounds in jwa

thats something new i heard

Yep. One of it’s roars is basically omegas roar if you compare them

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thx for telling me

Yes. The Scorpius Rex sounds in JWA are all taken from Omega 09

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if scorpius rex is added then it should be between indoraptor and indoraptor gen 2

because i think indoraptor gen is a modified version of indoraptor and i think scorpius should be the mid transformation between indoraptor and gen 2 and have a mid stats

but the camp cretaceous doesnt work like this

Im sorry, I flat out do not want Scorpious Rex anymore after Chromeospinus.

Unless everyone here is at least at a L1 Indo level then it would most likely be useless for most players. Tournament hybrids as expensive as they come aren’t as powerful as the Indos are, and thus players can get away with having them at low levels.

We need to beef up the other classes in this game, starting with amphibians, not add even more carnivores.


I don’t care about the animations, I want Scorpius Rex in the game.

They kinda started giving every gen 2 a hybrid so perhaps a kapro hybrid is in the works

That would be awesome. But fuse what with karpo gen 2? i know that there are loads of tournament creatures that doesnt have hybrid but nothing goes to my head :thinking:

My 3 choices :

Tupanosuchus = tupandactylus + kaprosuchus gen 2 (kaprosuchus with tupans crest)

Kaprotherium = kaprosuchus gen 2 + wolly rhino (kaprosuchus with three horns)

Kaprosaurus = kaprosuchus + albertosaurus (kaprosuchus with alberto level 40s horns)

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Karposaurus is my favorite becouse that would mean that albertosaurus could be unlockable again and i dont have her :sweat_smile:

Don’t want Scorpius rex because it is gonna be a carnivore so unless ludia add like 4 more tournament hybrid herbi, ptero and amphibians I wouldn’t be excited for sr