If ss didnt cleanse slow

Just thinking through things…

If it didnt, it would finally mean a lvl 24 diloracheirus could beat a 22.

Same with stego mirrors i think.

What other repurcussions would it have?

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Good point. I hadn’t thought of that. I was too distracted by the DoT nightmare that’s about to hit us soon.

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nightmare indeed. the new DoT looks like just a quick bandaid to fix everyone complaining about stegodeus. but in a way that people aren’t going to complain about their dino getting nerfed.

the last bandaid was to fix everyone complaining about raptors, which gave us stegodeus, superiority strike, etc. that everyone is currently whining about now. only a matter of time until everyone is complaining about DoT.

Only a matter of time? What to you mean, I’m already complaining about it. Lol
Not just for Stegod and though. I have a fair amount of high HP dinos on my team and only three have cleanse/ immunity without a ss.

It means if two of the same dino uses superioirity strike, the higher level one still gets priority next turn. It means if one uses superiority strike and the other uses Thagomizer (thinking Stegods), the one who used Thag gets to go first. It definitely changes a lot. It adds power to slowing moves that was removed with the SS update. It’ll actually benefit dinos WITH slowing moves (like Stegoceratops and Touramoloch), because now their slows won’t just be cleansed away.

Everyone is focusing on the wrong things. Everyone has a DOT cleanse. It’s called swapping. The only time you can’t DOT cleanse is if you’re locked down and no one uses lockdown dinos – and even if they did, you can’t use any lockdown move in addition to any DOT move to get it to kill an opponent.

This is a buff for those with Slowing Impact, Thagomizer, Decelerating Impact, Bellow, etc. It helps those dinos an incredible degree to no longer have 8 very commonly used high-level dinos on every team who can cleanse away slowing effects.


Honestly, this is the reason I’m hoping it happens. Right now so much strategy is thrown out the window with a single button.


Swapping loses one turn. That means DoT have one more free attack. (Most Dino don’t have SIA)

swapping and giving up a free hit to whatever dino you just brought in. and to something like spinotasuchus with 129 speed, you will swap out something, then whatever you bring in is most likely going to get hit twice in a row. not really a very effective counter.

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Sure, so die in 3 turns. There’s a ton of counters for spinotah. Spinotah would be ONE effective counter for Stegod. It’s ridiculous that people are upset about this. I have a level 30 stegod. I’m not upset.

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Mine’s 28. Not upset, DoT is a cool, different concept, I kinda just wish wasn’t the same for all levels. so that a lvl 30 and lvl 16 weren’t doing the same damage. at least have it level based. even something like 0.3x for a lvl 30, 0.29x for a level 29 … 0.16x for a lvl 16. that’s all.

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A system like that basicly makes the bleeder unplayable until it gets to like level 25… like .16 on a dinos cooldown move is only 6% more damage then sarcosuchus base attacks bleed…

When you say a level 16 and a level 30 deal the same damage thats only true if what their fighting is the same level. If the level 16 is fighting a level 15-20… its gonna be dealing far less damage then a level 25 facing up against level 22-30. If the level 16 is facing level 30s its like a one trick pony…

Amd if your facing an under leveled suchatator… swap on turn 2 when there most likely planning on using their cripple. Then not only do you not give them a free attack but their wasting a cooldown themselves.

Looks like me adding Spinotahraptor to my team was a good move after all with the incoming DoT Meta =D.

But really DoT should have been the main thing from the start, I mean in a real dinosaur battle its the bleeding from the attacks that would ultimately be killing them so…makes sense!

However we are going to be pretty much forced to swap or die in 3 turns, but it will end the reign of high armour and high hp tanks taking 5mins each to kill!

Maybe it will make more sense to use the Swap-In PterobleSaurs!

Edit: With the recent buffs to DoTs I guess we should have seen this change coming a mile away!

technically every attack should be DoT then. its not like some dino bites only did damage and bled the instant they were inflicted and others continued to bleed. probably not too many non-lethal TREX bites.

Thats true, but some attacks are blunt force blows, like from the Brachies and other long-necks!