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If the leaked apexes, Refrenantem and Haast Maximus come to Jwa, which days would they be roaming the maps for the raids

Haast Maximus and Refrenantem seem like good additions to the apex rarity on which day will we be able to raid them.

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Maybe on friday and Saturday.

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With hydraboa also being leaked i guess through the enitire week

makes sense

Their are rumors floating around that they’ll cover the whole week, not sure tho

hopefully. Even more hopefully ludia adds these two apexes, and one is a snek

I think, there are too much raid right now and by adding more apex without doing anything was ruin the balancing in the arena battle


What is that ? Hybrid maybe. Haven’t seen that

Posted in the newest datamine

This is a fiasco for old players.

Old players who given a lot of effort, money and dedication for the game. :-1:


Well they did say in the update post (don’t have a link) that there will be Friday raids soooooo…

Refrematem is supposedly a Friday raid according to a datamine. Starting on May 28th.

It also is said not to be a snake but instead a dilophosaurus apex, but I have heard rumors of something called hydraboa coming to the game which most definitely would be a snake apex.


Considering quite a few players are heading towards having mortem at 30 won’t be surprised if it gets replaced by another apex before long .

I would not want m rex gone because Im 2 weeks away from unlock

Only 1 is an apex the other 2 will be the same day which will likely be Friday

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so hydraboa and refrenantom will not be apexes? :pensive:

Well, I heard about the Haast Maximus and Refrenantem, but where’d the Hydraboa come from?


in the latest notes, they said refren would be a dilopho apex and hydraboa would be the snake? Also they would probably be adding the snake this update, not the dilopho. You have to read the latest leaked notes

Oh I read part 2, now I see

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