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If the leaked apexes, Refrenantem and Haast Maximus come to Jwa, which days would they be roaming the maps for the raids

Three apexes in one update? That a lot why it hasn’t released yet also i hope that bumpy is gonna be a legendary like para lux

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no it says there is going to be one apex in the update on tuesday and the release notes come on friday. There will be a dilophosaur apex arriving on may 28th about two weeks after the update. The third apex will arrive but probably in the future

Ok but still even if they are only two in one month

true, but I like the idea of more apexes epecially because people are now about 200 away or 10 raids away from maxing m rex. Plus there needs to be more, Im getting tired of using the same strategies for the same apex movesets over and over again

Gamepress’s most recent leak didn’t mention Refrenantem so I don’t think it will be coming in 2.7

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It mentioned one apex tho, and refre’s riad is may, 20something(th), so it’s porblably just like magnus getting releised a lil later. Also it was datamined in like jan already

Yeah thats true

It had said 28th of may. So maybe there will be no apex instantly but the dilophosaur will be added 17 days after the update?

Thats what happend with basicly every boss exept in 2.0, 2.3 came out like early december, indom boss came out early jan

I just unlocked Ceramagnus yesterday, and am 2 weeks away from M rex. Hopefully there are no nerfs to any of those, as I had just got one and will get the other right after the update

I can tell you this much:
If refranantem is a four-round slog. The app is getting deleted. Done. Over.

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what do you mean by slog

Most apexes are tehnicly 4 rounds, so i’m thinking 3

I think it’s three

if it’s four I honestly don’t care, I want to finally raid a new apex after week after week of the same four chores

has anyone noticed that if you tap on a creature on coin chase or strike tower near a grypolyth, megalosuchus or gorgotrebax than you cant do it but with other bosses it’s not like this

What makes you think that? Do you have inside information or just a random guess…

because there are already two for four rounds, so they will highest chance make a three or two. Im guessing three. Same as with the classes, I think refrenantom will be cunning, and the boa will be fierce that way there are 2 of each class

I mean having to commit 15 minutes to a single raid. Bonus points if it’s as RNG-based as Gorgotrebax. I don’t have the time for Ludia’s shenanigans. If they want to give us another 4-round Apex, they can go sit on it.

yes I get that, I want three rounds but knowing ludia what are the chances it’s four :100:

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