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If the login issue isn't fixed in 5 hours we should get compensated

As the title says.

VIP / non-VIP
22 500 coin / 15 000 coin
50 cash / 25 cash
3 x 10 boosts / 3 x 5 boosts
Daily gold incubator / daily blue incubator
3 x 6 hours incub
All of the Wednesday and Thursday strike tower rewards

Please sign this to push Ludia to refund us.
This isn’t a mistake.
This is a rude DISRESPECT to the community and we should be compensated for THEIR mistake.

It gives an unfair disadvantage fot those of us who got locked out.


honestly this isn’t enough. There needs to be a lot more compensation for the continuous screw ups that Ludia does. Ludia does not deserve the JWA fanbase, they are beyond incompetent to the point where in their testing nobody thought the even open the app on something not iOS.


Totally its crazy


It’s obviously true.
They need to compensate these all to every user who are affected right now.
And we want all these rewards back which we are loosing currently because of such huge problem. Nothing else instead of them :triumph:


I would lovew that, but they are going to pull of a jurassic world the game trick and going to give you 250 coin and be done with it, just like the time when jurassic world the game didnt work for a week!!!


Agreed, this is absolute minimum

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Ich würde mich über ein Stellungnahme freuen. Die standardisierten Antworten bei Google Play sind nicht hilfreich. Weiß jemand ob etwas in Arbeit ist und wie lange es dauern wird?

you should probably be compensated anyway if you haven’t been able to play for days due to the update glitch.

i have players in all my teams that are affected.


Translated from German

I would be happy to hear from you. The standardized answers on Google Play are not helpful. Does anyone know if something is in the works and how long it will take?

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

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Hopefully this time they will give us at least what we lost: pvp incubators, daily incubators, strike towers, DNA from daily dinos and DNA from raids, also coins. Because 200 Cash would be just ridiculous


And days later still no update

Fricking hell, I agree with you! If Ludia doesn’t compensate; they are beyond screwed!

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Maybe it’s time to find a new game to play where a company has more respect and communication for the players ?

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I can log in but haven’t been able to do any raids
The game keeps closing down mid battle
Stops endlessly spin

Ludia blamed the internet service untill I pointed out others are affected the same or worse .

Ludia always blames either

A. The players device
B. The WiFi or phone data .

It’s never them

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