If the SHIELD was UNBREAKABLE - Would the game be better balanced?

I was just thinking of the importance the shield could have in the game.

If the shield would be unbreakable from swap-in-rampage and other heavy hitters, could that make a better balance of the game?

If the shield would be re-worked, would more dinos see the arena again?
Could more variation come from this small change?

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As long as it was only against swap in attacks that would be okay I guess.

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I was thinking the shield would work against anything,

Then we can use many flyers, rares and even some commons.

That would maby shake up the meta A LOT ?!

It would be too strong if it was everything. Far too strong. Boring, static battles would be the meta of the day.

To shake the meta up we need a host of new worthwhile dinosaurs with new abilities or combo options.

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Would you start a “nerf Tryko thread” if instant invincibility stopped your Thor’s rampage?
There, you have your answer…


That would be amazing though. Tryk should be the don of all dinos

I don’t mean invincibility ! I mean that dinos still could get damage !

Only 50%



Anyone else have ideas?

But this would make Defense Shattering completely pointless…


We had most of this when there were so few dinos that could compete and break shields in the tank meta. Folks hated it. But folks hate everything so I dunno.

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Maybe? As long as it is for normal 50% shields and not Invincibility. Then defense shattering would still be good against Invincibility users.

Well, currently hybrid chompers are kind of ruling the meta (Thoradolosaurus, Indoraptor, Trykosaurus, Tenontorex mainly) so it could be a good thing? Maybe?

I don’t know, but sounds as an interesting idea.

I think not, it seems like a good idea, but I think that the problem is that the movement is exchanged in devastation, since it does not allow any action to counteract it unless you have the chance to survive or to attack

Correct me if I’m mistaken but invincibility used to only be breakable by nullify.

Instant invincibility? I believe defense shattering always broke that shield too.

I seem to remember my t Rex being unable to against alanqua.

I sure don’t. We would have had to have framed Alanqua’s uses much differently if that had been true. It would have had many more situational plays

Ok thanks I was still very young in the game could be mistaken … Turns out I was

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Please dont bring ancolodon again

Bump on this topic.

I think unbreakable and indestructible shields could make a great work in the arena.

It can stop heavy hitters and massive damage.

And aswell change the meta TOTALLY.

Make shields great!

Make a comeback for shields!

We could play around 20 more dinos in the arena with this change!

It sounds good I guess, but then we will be having the same kind of problems with tanks as we are having now with chompers