If the SHIELD was UNBREAKABLE - Would the game be better balanced?

If the shields was something like:

  • Indestructible (Can’t be taget of shattering, only nullify(?))

  • Shield takes 50% damage.

You can still bleed.

Then the arena would use more tanks, bleeders and variation. This is a new META.

Oh, i thoughy it wouldn’t be nulifyable as well. I see your point now. Yeah, its a good idea

There was once a shield like mechanic, that saved a ton of creature from the wrath of Thors DSR, the Evasion mechanics, but thnx to all the complaints, it has been rendered quite useless. And no matter what, a Thor can still crit thru it.

Nullify never does a ton of damage, so that could stay imo.
Shields are too easily broken in the current meta. I have both Tryko and Dio in my team and I barely ever get to use it. I just wish prio shield would work against a SIR. This would give the rat a lot less chance to kill some of the dinos. Just imagine, that it cannot kill EVERY SINGLE dino out there by default!? Wow!

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Reminds me of the time Ankylocodon had an invincible shield, at least from nullifying. I miss my old cockroach.


Then there is no need for defense shattering moves as armor piercing is already in game.

I already posted a topic long time ago.
Your idea is wrong.
There should be 2 differents shield:
The blue one,we actually know which defend 50% damage from any normal dmg + armor piercing
And i imagine a Red spiky one which if he is break should be destroy by defense shattering abilities AND deliver mirror dmg.

I think they can divide some of the “defense shattering” moves into a subcategory that penetrates all but destroy none.

It’s like precise rampage that penetrates shield, but does not destroy it.

With this, the number of creatures possessing defense shattering moves would decrease.
It could make long protection become more relevant.

Every damage penetrates shield and does not destroy it exept DS moves and Rending
No damage goes through Instant Invincibility exept DS and Rending.

Is that like when someone punches something and their own hand becomes damaged?

I mean the attack does not reduced by shield.
That means they deal full damage, but do not destroy the shield.

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Unbreakable shields is up there with dodge not being at least 50%. The Dodge nerf has made dodgers pointless, unbreakable shields makes shieldbreakers pointless.

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The shield could still be breakable but breaking it absorbs part of the damage it would normally block. Breaking a 50% shield would absorb 25% of the damage or a 100% shield would absorb 50% of the damage.


Defense shattering couldnt break it for a while either… used to beat trex with my anklycodon back in the day…

I wouldnt mind seeing a new move added to a few dinos that worked as an unbreakable shield.

I would not want every dino that has a shield to function like this.

Unlike the op I want nothing to do with a return to the tank meta.

And this kind of change would drop the number of chompers used down to 2…at best… tryko and tenotorex. Which would lead to a drop in speedy distractors currently ran to counter thor as they dont have as good matchups to tryko and tenotorex.

We would lose a good portion of dinos and not gain anywhere near 20 dinos cause of those 20… 4 will turn out to be better then the other 16.

All so we can have our matches take an extra 5 minutes meaning even longer time spent for losing streak dbi with our current match making.

Precise Rampage doesn’t deal full damage if the shield is up and it will not bypass Armour. It’s just like regular Ramage.

Precise rampage bypasses evasion, but not destroying evasion effect.

I was using Precise rampage to let you understand the concept I was saying - bypass shield but not destroying it, just like precise rampage doesn’t destroy evasion.

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Yeah I couldn’t quite remember if it was just nullification or defense shattering too. It’s the reason I originally levelled mine up pretty high.

I think a shield overhaul would be a good thing

My thoughts are:

  1. Short and Long Defense can be nullified, or broken with Shattering or definite moves

  2. Invincibility moves can only be broken by Definite or Nullifying, but not Shattering

  3. Defensive Stance Shield gets the same treatment as invincibility moves

I think it’d offer a good shake up of what we consider counters to one thing or another