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If the Warriors of Waterdeep were BG Characters

So for the moment that’s me done… I’ve struggled to find motivation after finishing explore mode, even getting a 24 hour chest in legendary arena didn’t really spark too much joy having nothing further to reach in story mode and the grind required for level 13 looking a tedious task now. Nayeli is a month or so away and I don’t even need her anymore.

Was hoping for a naomlen pack offer or getting her as a renown equipment reward to finally get her a legendary but I’m cancelling my VIP now & the next renown is 6 level 13 level ups away…

So to carry on my adventures I’m switching to Baldur’s Gate Black Pits and playing as if my adventurers have been captured by Baeloth whilst in the underdark!

My team (with slight modifications to allow for race restrictions) will be:

Halbeneth - Elven Priest of Lathander
(Fits his cleric class and will get nice combat bonuses)

Shevarith - Human Sorceror
(Yes I know she’s a wizard but I reckon the in game spell system combined with her recharge ability is more akin to a sorceror picking whichever of her limited spell selection she wants)

Tommus - Dwarven Defender
(Have had to modify his race but I feel his character behaves like this kit to a tee)

Naomlen - Halfling Assassin
(To compensate for the fact I switched Tommus to Dwarf, plus in BG there is a dexterity penalty for dwarves so she can’t get her 18 dexterity)

Saarvin - Dragonborn Archer (obviously)
(Making a human Archer kit but giving it the breath weapon and resistance of a Dragon Disciple in EE keeper. Will miss out on elven 19 dexterity and bow bonus to compensate)

Farideh - Elven (Tiefling) Fighter/Mage
(I thought hard about this but felt that as the Farideh in WoW is much more durable than a lot of the characters it was worth multiclassing her as a Fighter making her a more traditional Warlock).

Let me know what you guys think!


What’s Baldur’s Gate Black Pits?

Tommus’ Biggest problem in this game is that he isn’t a dwarf. I’d’ve made Naomlen a gnome because I hate halflings (don’t think they work outside of Tolkien), but I don’t really like Naomlen either to be honest. I could easily live without her.

I’m in a race right now to level up and finish the game before the paladin becomes open for everyone. If I get done before that I am not sticking around for her, but if not I will. The public info I have seen on the character hasn’t done anything to excite me about getting her.

Black Pits is a game mode where you make a party of six and fight in an arena story mode in Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, an updated version of a classic D&D PC video game.

Agreed about Tommus & Nayeli. I’ve not played for 5 days having finished story mode, not missing it. Don’t think I will even when Nayeli is available unless more explore mode or other content made available. Such a shame as I love the game concept and no other D&D mobile game out there.

I just finished, and while I am glad to finally be out of the tedious dragon dungeon for my challenge I am saddened that there is no reason to keep playing the game now. What kind of game makes you reward for beating it be that you can never play it again? I cam’t Say for sure when I will quit, but I really can’t see myself playing much longer now that there is no purpose. PvP and Challenges were just there so I could level my characters and items as far as I am concerned. I’ll try to check back every few months to see if they add more content. Devs if you are listening I am willing to pay $5-$10 for an expansion pack with a similar size explore mode provided I can keep playing it after I beat it.